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Word 2021-09-01 Empire crumbling, Bezos, Repent

2 Prophetic Words from Yeshua, given on September 01th 2021 at 0:30am and 2:15am

since both words came in the same night
with the possibility of a connection I have put them together in one message

Now the word #1 (0:30am):

The Empire is crumbling.
The Empire is falling apart.

(it speaks about the/an evil empire, it could be the EU but also something else – I am not certain about this,or maybe it points to different levels, several empires, or it connects to the second word in that night)

Now the word #2 (2:15am):

Mister Bezos,
what are you going to do with all your wealth?
Nothing ! when I will turn My face against you.
You (want to) fly into outer space you say/ named it.
(but) No, there is no outer space.
It is the place where I reside and watch the earth from above.

You can’t go/come to Me with your silly ship.
I gave you all the wealth to take care of the poor.
But what are you doing with it?
For your own pleasure and to control the poor.
Do you not know that I can take all you have away from you in ONE moment?

No, you don’t believe that I can do that.
You and your friends, all of them are in the same boat.
And this is about to sink.
Yes, it will sink all the way down to the ground.
There you can meditate why the blessings didn’t last forever.

Eternal life you cannot buy.
You think you can extend your life time by squeezing out the blood of My children.
Not a single second you can extend it by anything.
Only by Me, by coming to Me and ask for forgiveness, you can extend your lifespan to become eternal.
Today and tomorrow I will call you again and see if you turn from your wicked ways.
And if not, I will tear down your empire on the third day.
While I rose from the grave on the third day I will place you there.
(But for you) A place of darkness it will be and your wealth will be washed down the river
into the ocean , the sea of poverty.
There where you look with prideful eyes down, thinking you are higher and better than them.

The same soil you made of will run down the river into (like everyone’s else), into the sea of forgetfulness.
A sea a lake where no one remembers.
A sea full with disgusting waste.
A waste of time, waste of blessings, waste of opportunities, waste of false wealth, waste of lies.
Like the dead sea, a lake with no exit.
Chose today or tomorrow where you want to be and change your ways.
2 days, 2 ways… two masters you cannot serve.

End of prophetic word.