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Word 2021-08-12 Surprising change and shout

Word 2021-08-12 15:00

Just got ready to go to the beach, then this word arrived, so a delay in the beach time (well, not too important, just pleasant in the sea, where I usually go daily to swim more or less a mile as long there is no lockdown)

A change that will be surprising (for all).
A change for the change
A change for the change to change.
I will change the money of the wicked to a change to coins.
Billions turn into towers of coins that will fall upon them.

Change of the hearts of men?
Yes, but not as you think or mankind expects.
The change will be first to the ones I have called.
Those who responded willingly will be used to change nations.

Change of evil men will not some so much.
Before they will change, they (ex)change their security guards.
Most (of them) don’t want to change and I will not force them to change as they force (ordinary) people to accept their evil plans.

They’ve made their plans, I have My plan.
They think they can change My laws.
(But) they will see, when I change (their) gravity which is nothing but an illusion of doubt.
If you would have faith you could overcome what you believe is gravity.
It’s not gravity, it’s My design, My creation, the heavens and the earth, so it can join together and dance with Me.

My Word is beyond gravity and it changes NOT.
Never ever will My Word change.
(Yet) men change My word more often than a chameleon it’s colors.

Have you ever seen the rain and counted the raindrops?
I know exactly when, there and how many raindrops will fall on the ground.
Watch (carefully what happens) when rain falls on sand, how quickly it disappears.
And it will not stay and produce fruit.
The desert is a witness of it.
A witness of people who built their house on sand.
Wealth is like (dropping on sand) sand, if wealth is used for evil (or selfish) purposes.
Wealth, that is poured out on fruitful soil is like rain that will produce it’s fruit (in season).

Most wicked leaders/people have poured out their wealth on sand.
It’s the same sand where they have built their house.
Even less strong as a house of cards.

Will their hearts (ever) change?
Will their hearts change, when I will send the wind (whirlwind) to take/blow their houses apart?
Yes, some will, (but) not many.
But when the poor (people) will see the wealth of the wicked be blown away by My Wind,
(then) they (the poor) will stand and with/in awesome fear (will) turn to Me.

The change I am about to bring forth will (can) not be hidden.
No media will be able to hide it anymore.
Yes, they try and will try harder.
Btu the harder they try, the harder My wind will blow.
It will turn into a storm, into a hurricane they’ve never seen before.
They thing they are safe behind their ever increasing lies.

But the day will come that it (the lies) will literally explode and be scattered far away into the outer darkness.
Yet they will still not believe in Me and come to Me, so I can forgive them.
In panic they will run and run.
They will run and climb to reach the outer darkness, trying to find their pieces of all their lies and collect them again together.
Yes, (one day) they will find all those pieces but they will not find life eternal.
They will not want to change and turn away from their evil ways.

(George) Washington was a man of faith but today there are liars and snakes in that place where they are called to speak and proclaim blessings over the land/nation, and call the people to repentance, so that I will hear them and heal their land.

You expect a change.
You will see what I will do with the land of the eagle.
The other (land with the) eagle (very likely Germany) is flying astray.
But I will interrupt it’s flight.
The flight will look like a kamikaze, ending up in destruction.
But from (out of) that rubble I will rebuild it quickly as there is a remnant, that I will use for this last harvest.
They together with others (people from other nations) will sweep through Europe, even beyond it’s borders.

When they are finished (in the time that I have set) this nation will become darker, even darker as in their darkest times they (ever) experienced.

The throne of Satan will be shifted back to it’s original location and the end will be in sight.
My throne will not be shifted, not can it ever be shifted. (It remains forever)
No one can shift it and no one can change it.
The King of Kings sits on the highest throne laughs at the schemes of the enemy as they are under Him.
The earth as His footstool will shake when I laugh.

But wait… til I shout and say: ″enough is enough″!
Will you shout WITH Me?
Will (your shout) it change anything or make a difference?
If Elohim shouts, what is man to be able to add or what does it make even a slight difference?

If I would/will give you the mandate and authority to chout…
do you believe?
Do you have faith?
I will, I want you to shout WITH Me.

(or) if a father shouts at the wild beasts that try to enter the property and have his children beside him.
Would he not want the children to join the shout?
(learn from the father)
How much more for Me as the (heavenly) loving Father!
I would love to hear MY children shouting (with Me).

I love your worship when you worship Me in Spirit and in Truth.
Most children are just (only) performing something that I don’t understand.
Most children don’t know how to worship – and even less to know when it’s time to shout.
I hear often yelling (celebrating to men) but not the shout, that shakes the earth and makes the enemy tremble.

You can’t play with the Leviathan as with a cute teddy bear (toy).
You need to tear him apart with your shout.
You shout, I’ll take care (do) of the rest!
Your shout will change everything if you shout IN Me, because I will hear and stretch out My strong hand.
It will change as I changed the direction of Pharaoh (Pharaohs plan).

He will come back one day but it will take a while until he (has) built the bridge over the troubled waters where his fathers drowned/died.

Fear not, he will not find you anymore (afterwards) on the other side of the Sea/waters.
Stay (always) with Me and I will give you shelter under My Wings.
If you will be IN Me and don’t change, then I will be with you because I don not change.
Never ever, never forever as My Word never change and never can’t be changed.

Blessed are you who build your house on My Word and not on sand.
You will stand forever with Me