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Word 2021-08-10 three short words

Word 2021-08-10 (3 different Words)

These words came to me that night.
They sound very tough but I just give it back as I heard them, only one with a bit an explanation

I could not sleep well due to the heat and the humidity, so I had a number of short phases of sleep.
But three times, when I woke up these short words came to me.
I think I got more, but only these three I could remember and wrote them down.

1. Word 2021-08-10 0:30

The time will come, when people in the streets will be dropping dead (suddenly)

2. Word 2021-08-10 2:20

Off the coast of Nichidi, there will be plenty

Note: Was not so easy to know how to write this name but this is the closest I could define.
Later in the afternoon on that day I looked up Nichidi on maps and in brought me to a village in India.
There might be alternatives as pronunciation could differ from writing to as I never heard such a name, so whether it’s that village or whatever…
Yes, and it is not at the coast, yet not extreme far away, just 45miles/75Km away.
I also don’t know what plenty… plenty of ??? (whatever)

3. Word 2021-08-10 3:10
This so-called vaccine is not what it is…
It gives you the ability to speak to/with the Beast