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Word 2021-07-21 #2 Awakening

Word 2021-07-21 22:30

In my evening prayer time I was on the couch and fell asleep, then in a dream the words came repeating until I woke up and continued (the dream itself I could not remember)

(In the dream:)
Awakening is coming.
I say it again: Awakening is coming.
May you have not heard it before but I say: Awakening is coming.

NOTE: …out of the dream repeating over and over again. With every ″awakening″ I almost drowned in my own saliva until I woke up completely – the word continued.

Awakening is coming
And again: Awakening is coming
I say: Awakening is coming.
As a candle compared to the sunshine, so it will be.
The awakening that will come… it has not yet really started.
But everything, every revival, every awakening that happened before will look like this candle compared to the sunshine that is (about to arise) on the horizon.

We reach the peak of darkness but then, suddenly the sun will burst forth.
And not only this….
The darkness will be darker than darkness, because it is full of dirty filthy clouds.
But the dawn… when the sun breaks through, (then) the clouds will be scattered into millions of pieces and the sky will be cleared up – clearer as you ever seen.

You have seen my Glory?
No, no-one have seen my Glory (in this age) in the brightness and clarity as the one that will come.
Fractions, yes, only fractions over time.
But I will pour it out, not only for a few individuals but for many to see.
To all? Yes, to all but not all will see nor like to see or hear.
Darkness cannot see, nor comprehend because there is nothing that darkness and light have in common.

Speak to the winds, from the 4 corners of the earth.
My angels can hold it or release it… the winds.
Calm the storm
Why you don’t calm it?
Oh people of little faith, how often do I need to speak to you that you start to speak to Me and to the angels to command them as they are serving messengers for you. (this might work through prayers to the Father in Heaven)

I prepared you for a time like this, a (small) remnant with the power of words, that can kindle a forest. But (when it comes) to command the angels you, you are silent.

My Name, My Name will be lifted up when you declare My Words.
Out of My mouth into your mouth, out of your mouth into this world.
Shalom and Shalom, My Shalom, My peace, not the one man-made peace that always last even not a second.
When the leaders of this world speak peace with their lips, (but at the same time) in their mind, the cunning (evil) spirit, they plan war.

Give and it will be given (to you).
I gave you life and what do you give?
Silver and Gold?
Do you think I am pleased with that?
When your mouth is full with death, words in which is no life?
Speak life and life will be given to you!
Is life or death in your heart at the same time?
How can that be?

Awake My people from your sleep (of death)
Awake and live with (and in) Me.
Awake to walk,
Awake to talk.
Awale to be, to be who you should be.
Awake my Kehila (Church/Bride).
Awake, the dawn is here…
For I have given you some time to wake up, those who are asleep.

You’re going to see the greatest (revival)-awakening of all times before suddenly everything will come to a halt, and all angels will hold their breath for half an hour.
Then you will hear the tension rising as like stretching of a band (like you hear a guitar string stretched to the extend that it will tear).
It will head to the final collapse of history.
When everything will be shaken and nothing will remain standing.
Not one stone will be left upon another.

How many people died on the cross?
Yes, many, but only ONE for your sin.
None, but ONE for your sin!
What do you have to give?
No, you can give yourself to Me, that I can give Myself to you, so that you can give (bring) Me to your neighbor.