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Word 2021-06-23 – death and devastation

I received the word while around noon, being on the couch
Could be this is partially a personal word but at the same time maybe for some others…

The first two sentences were chrystal clear after I almost fell asleep

They will die, Yes, they all will die (who took the Venom/ Jab)
No, they will not lose their salvation but they all will die.
And it will get very empty here.
While you will take/hold your place until I remove you.
For it is not yet the time to leave.
You will have to see the devastation that will take place.
All the things that have been will be no more for I am about to shake the fould/rotten fruit from the tree.
The tree of knowledge will drop dead when all (people) will see the truth.
For many it will be too late, but there is a generation left, a remnant who will build up what will be destroyed.

Can men predict their future?
No, they do not have a clue what will come.
Even not how the world will look like next Year or even tomorrow.
Men playing games with souls.
And suddenly, oh foolish people, you will wake up from your dream.
I challenge you today to get out of the Beast (system) and prove me, if I will not be able to feed you 40 years, while you walk with/between stubborn and unrepentant (stiff necked) people through the wilderness.

Though I am about to reveal myself to the world like never before, but many will not believe even when I will raise people from the death.
Death is here and it will increase rapidly.
(But) do not be afraid, when thousand(s) fall on your left and 10,000(s) on your right.
It will not reach you, if my blood is on the doorpost of your soul/ heart.
Let no man deceive you, for My word is the anchor, a rock and the foundation of life.
I am with you and will never leave nor forsake you.