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Word 2020/04/27
A word came to me while editing some footages.
The word goes to the restrictions of wearing a mask because of the Corona virus, where in several countries it became mandatory, or at least in certain areas, like public transportation, shops or wherever…
Personal Note: I am not against it to wear it in certain areas for a neccessary period of time.

I know it by the way from very dusty work, when it is really good to wear a mask…
But what came to me in my spirit sounded different and goes beyond the current situation.

Wearing a mask made mandatory by gouvernment has nothing to do with health protection even though it sounds like it is (there should be a common sense when to use it anyway).
What happens is a spiritual act of being quiet/silent like pointing to one of the three monkeys.
Like saying: “Don’t speak against the leaders/gouvernment and what they are doing, no matter how wrong it might be.”