Fixed text (Introduction) or something like that

Then… the posts from one specified category underneath
With that plugin it almost works but I like to see not only the headline but like the “normal” posts with a specified number of posts and underneath a next/previous page button.

also good would be if I can chose the amount of how many posts should be seen here, different to the global settings in posts, because for the Psalms or prophecies I want to see more on one page as here…
But this is not the biggest issue, if this cannot be changed – I can deal with that

Here I like to have only maybe the last 2 or 3 posts – just a link like here is “nonsense”
Maybe there is a way with that plugin to add more parameters to show what I like to see

[catlist name=”news”]

when you open that, the fix main message disappears, but should stay

However, I’ve tested several plugins – but most of them either I don’t see useful, I don’t understand, or they simply does not work with the page (what guess has to do with the combination of the most recent WP version and a fairly ols template).