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THE day of… The Rapture (when will it be?)

“The Rapture”

Some people claim when the rapture will occur.
Others arguing about a pre-, mid- or end-Tribulation rapture.
And then a group who say there is no rapture, because it is not in the Bible.
Finally I think there are many other groups with myriads of other opinions…

So I have the song “Ready” which speaks about
“The day and the hour”
And NOW!
I’ve made this video, so the people can know when the rapture will happen.

I don’t write more here,
just watch the video and you will know…

It is available on three different platforms.
Links are here below.

If you are on one of these platforms, you can post a comment there if you like,
that’s why I post the links of all these three options.
On Rumble, the video is directly integrated here.

You can decide which one you prefer:



Or view direct here the Video on Rumble