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The cave sound of a room

Toda Adonai

It was actually recorded in an ordinary relative small empty room with less than 12m² of size. (this is about 130 square foot)
The Audio recording does not include any effects at all…
You hear only the singing and the sounding of the Shofar with the natural reverb of this room.
I modified it for a second version with water of the ocean flowing into a cave.
So it might sound more like in a real cave yet it’s not.
For the cave I used my little Zoom H2 mobile recorder (fairly good quality for such a small device).

Title: The cave sound of a room

Plain version

Version with flowing water of a real cave added to the recording

This Album is actually not available on Pond5 (Many of the Songs of “Toda Adonai” are anyway longer than 10 minutes -and that’s the limit there) But feel free to look at other Music there: the link goes to all Music from Bindernowski

Toda Adonai