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The Almond Tree

Album The Almond Tree

Suspense music with a prophetical reflection of scripture/ the bible

Title: The Almond Tree

There is one verse in scripture in Jer. 1:11.
I’ve got once almost a similar vision.
But in my case instead of prophecy it turned into a song.
It might has some prophetic direction.
If we only see a branch of a tree – think about the whole story of the tree from the root to the connection of the whole nature and the one who created it so wonderful.
But also the tree where the saviour hung and died for us that we will have access to the heavenly Father.

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The Almond Tree


Tell me my friend what do you see
This is the branch of an almond tree

Word made flesh who brought us life
And forgave us that we might so life

The work complete for eternity
Through blood poured out on another tree

A light that shines so bright and high
More than the sun in a brilliant sky

The King of Kings sits on his throne
Prepared to come and carry Home

All who believe from death he rose
I see great joy will come for dose

Such blessings they’ll receive food
The Commandments he gave us from above

Entering a day where no more pain
Just love and freedom forever reign

So I see much more than merely a tree
A branch with almonds in front of me

But a miracle of amazing grace
For every branch which finds it place

In the olive tree where it belongs
And sings the blessed song of songs

Two sticks together bound as one
And there in heaven the father and son

Opened the way to the living tree
That we may eat forever free

The glorious branch of this awesome tree
Is God Yeshua for you and me