Praise #2

Banana Praise Part two introduction

Took me now a long time to upload it on Youtube…

The Banana-Praise part two took place on the beginning of the Jewish Shavuot at the same building like the part one.

I mentioned already at the first concert about Shavuot.
For those who don’t know it was translated into Pentecost for Greek philosophic believers or whatever reason.
According to scriptures the counting of the feasts like the Shavuot depends on nature – as lunar agricultural.
But because of the very early spring this year (2016) it is not 100% sure if that day or already a month earlier is the correct biblical counting of Shavuot.
Simply without the 13th month.

However, Shavuot is a important biblical feast that seem to be a bit neglected.
The Christian Pentecost is somehow disconnected from the meaning of Shavuot because of what I have been taught the only focus is on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the 120 Disciples that were gathered together to celebrate this feast.

My focus on that day was the hope that the Holy Spirit will come with tongues of fire on every head while I am playing.
In every case if visible or not I hope my music will touch you.