Praise #1

Welcome to Chapter one of Banana-Praise (Introduction)

I might not be able to post all songs that I played on these concerts due to copyright issues here even though they are only cover versions.
However, some cover songs seem to raise no problems.
Maybe those companies like EMI, Ariola, Sony, etc. are afraid that my versions are better than the original. However, the free message of the gospel is
not really free anymore as soon as the christians sell their music-soul to the Babylonian system. Sorry for that inconvenience.
Yet my own music is not under a legalistic ban.

May you are wondering what in the world is Banana-Praise!
Have you ever heard of something?
Possibly not!
Well, I will not answer this question here in the introduction in detail but later you will find some more information.

Basically it is a concert divided in two parts – but it has a deeper meaning.
The first part took place on May 14, 2016
The second part on June 11, 2016
There you see a Banana-Goofball playing and singing.
The location was a relative small environment, a congregation in big private property.
It was open for everybody to visit but without advertisement posted the number of visitors were small.

Ok, I decided not to upload the whole concert as one file but separated each song individually.
Also from the reason that I am not sure if my Internet connection would even be fast enough to upload a single file in a reasonable good quality without dropping.

In the concert for some songs I had slides but not many with all lyrics.
So on the movie I added the complete lyrics and make it nicer with a more accurate timing.
So you can follow the words of the songs.
I removed as well the speech in between the songs but wrote instead the explanation in the text boxes below.

The separated songs I think are also smoother to listen without long commentaries at the beginning.
I will try to make a playlist with all songs in the original order as well.

When I started to prepare the concert I figured out it is not easy even to decide the order of the songs.
I thought about an alphabetic order, or like the style when children are in front of different food on the table – choose the best at first and if necessary skip the rest depending on the situation, the hunger or the arguments of the parents. I usually like the best at the end.
But everything is anyway somehow relative from the view of individual tastes.

Well, I was very grateful that I’ve got an open door to share some things the Lord Yeshua had put on my heart.
Of course, we can play at home and sing our songs to Yeshua without any people and praise and worship Him everywhere at any time… most people may sing their praises in the most famous concert halls, the bathroom…
However, I think it’s sometimes also very delightful if we can share our talents with other people and not hide them in the ground.

Well, if I would share with you my cooking talent it could happen that you might run out to one of the fast food stores and say: “let’s get something tasty”.
Or if I would dance you would wonder if you might entered a circus watching a clown.

So I felt much more comfortable with my little talent in music.

The purpose to share our talents is to build the kingdom of Elohim in unity.

Don’t expect here a world class musician playing and singing but more listen to the Holy Spirit and enjoy His presence through the music.

Just want to mention that English is not my native language. Guess you hear this on my accent. With grammar I think I am not much better even in my native language – but I think you understand and… who cares on that anyway?

Some of the songs are from other artists like cover versions but with my personal individual touch.
Most songs are my own compositions.

Most the songs I write are composed for a whole band. So as I don’t have a band I chopped them into a pure guitar- or piano-version for the Banana-concerts.

I wish all those who listen get a real touch by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

What  shall I say? Enjoy!