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Poetry 2022-03-21 best wine and the end

Prophetic Poetry received on March the 21st 2022 9:30pm (after a good time of personal worship)

As I don’t really understand poetry and less grammar (with English not being by native language) ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you to get the whole puzzle

Actually I came up with a question in my mind, yet can’t remember the context but this was the question:

What will be the end?

And then the Lord started to speak – so continue.

The end will be
What most people don’t see

It’s the beginning of something better
for those who know the letter

The letter I gave to all of you
To let you know, that you are not just animals in a zoo

Designed in My image I created man and woman, delightful and good
Not a statue like idols made out of metal, plastic or wood

(Also) Not an empty shell with skin as the hull
Or just bones and no brain in the skull

So precious where my love just explodes when I look
Remember it’s written everything in The book

The book where most people despise
or replaced it with filth and perverted lies

A tragedy it is, nothing anymore that can be repaired
I need to renew all things I created for men, I shared

But listen, the time is here when the waiting is over and past
I am forever and ever the first and the last

The Alef and Tav for all of creation
And this is (now) the final generation

Come out My friends out of Babylon, My coming is near
Just a few more things I want to share now here

You need to listen carefully not like the heathen, those who are blind
I will share My thoughts to those with an uncorrupted mind

Words of knowledge and wisdom beyond measure
Mysteries not known the heavenly treasure

Not theology or theory, speculations or a fairy tale story
But truth with grace, love and a lot of My glory

Old men with dreams will also bring My words to (let you) know
To confirm all things delivered for you to show

As the old witnesses shall confirm the young
Whether a dream contains a message or a song

All approved and declared by My word that I spoke
Not a doctrine of men or some kind of a similar joke

Open your eyes and ears by My Spirit, also your heart
When I will point to the truth like the pin of a dart

In midst the center My arrow will arrive
For you to go deep into My heart like on a dive

Only in Me you will find what you’re looking for
As without, you will stand outside the locked door

There, no voice of hope you will hear
Only a noise of big trembling and fear

Come into My presence and listen to Me
I’m going to show more for you to see

Things that’s on My heart and My mind
All you need is (in) Me the place you can find

Don’t think you will find any truth in the dark
The world dims low to black, (ready) prepared for the mark

Details not yet, but soon to be told
But nothing different to all what’s (already) been foretold

Yet for people today is to understand
Most things already shifted for this time at the end

The old skins burst soon to make room for new wine and skins as the best
Preserved for the end for My children to be blessed

And all in line with the rest of the remaining second
before all things will come to it’s final end

End of Prophecy

Enjoy the best wine!

John 2:1-10
Matthew 9:17/ Mark 2:22/ Luke 5:37-38
2 Corinthians 5:17
Revelation 21:1-5
Genesis 1:26-27
Psalm 115:4-8
Isaiah 41:4/ Isaiah 48:12/ Revelation 22:13
Matthew 24:34/ Mark 13:30/ Luke 21:32
Joel 2:28/ Acts 2:17

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