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Poetry 2022-02-27 Wedding and big tribulation are near

Prophetic Word 2022-02-27 21:00 (just a few minutes after I started with my evening prayer time)

Please keep in mind, though I always try my best to avoid errors, there is always a possibility for some typing errors. The correction tool doesn’t mark them always.

Let the Holy Spirit give you more understanding especially as this word appears to be a bit incomplete.

This is what you have done
Yet for you I gave My son
But most people only want to have fun
Since the beginning nothing new under the sun.

Oh people, Oh people, where do you go
I invite you to My wedding but you say ″No″

You love this world and all it’s sin
Wickedness and evil you adore from deep within

Your eyes focus on wealth and all the glitter
The book in your mouth is sweet but in the stomach is bitter

My word is alive, but you desire the grave
You reject My love and think I am not able to save

My return will not delay nor is it far away
The moment will come closer with each passing day

And then I will leave many alone and behind
There you will stay and try to keep alive your mind

The final years are approaching soon
The sun fired up and strange the moon

The days of the earth are numbered til the end
Two witnesses will come, ready to be send

The sea will again be parted in two
But that’s not the only thing that you will do

Smoke and hail, fire, locusts and blood
All before I will come with My iron rod

Oh man of perdition you would love to come right now
You try to sneak in with great deception somehow

But you have to wait just a tiny bit longer aside
Because I am about to make ready My bride

To take her to My wedding to be with Me
Not long from now and you all will see

Before the trouble will bubble and the bubble explode
You’ll see all creation how it will erode

When the ice wall melt and the rocks start to cry
While My children will fly and say bye bye

The seas and the oceans also open their mouth
When I will gather from east and west, north and south

All the souls that are mine their bodies transformed
Open the graves and the righteous will be adorned

With crowns that I will put on each of their head
Of their faithfulness as fragrance it spreads

A cloud of beauty sparkling bright in the sky
While all those in darkness will wonder why

Yes, all those who missed the boat will be in tears
When horror arrived tribulation and fears

A terror like never before and never again
When wickedness full speed turn on the fan

Where will they flee when death runs away
Try to find hope when there is none that day

Yes, hopelessness, madness and horror they all will see
For all inhabitants from small to great to be

None will be spared when demons appear
And even all tyrants will live in constant fear

The Spirits will come they called since days of old
Yet they ignored the warnings over ages what’s been foretold

When finally they will blame everything on Me
When it’s the One-Beast-Religion who ate from the tree

The war will come soon to a (surprised) end
When My angels will join the battle to defend

Not the war with rockets, missiles, tanks and fools
But the battle against My children against My rules

Praise and worship that will break the neck of wickedness
As I will be in-midst their praise in righteousness

Though the (human) war will continue just a little longer
Because it makes My bride much much stronger

And as soon the harvest in finished and brought in
Out of the sea it will appear the man of sin

Oh yes, out of the deepest sea, Sodom and Gamorah
The one that transformed into the label Malacha D’Nurah

Signs and wonders with tricks and big deception
And all who are alive as slaves without exception

Peace will be no more on earth
Until I bring forth another birth

The new of New and all and All
And this will be the last and final call

The call to call creation into final judgment
In righteousness and justice is perfected My intent

Amen, end of word.

I hope and pray it encourages and edifies you.
There is no timeline given but it sounds to me much closer than many people possibly would guess.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 (1-11)
Revelation 10:9-10
Revelation 11:3 (1-14)
Revelation 2:27/ 12:5/ 19:15
2 Thessalonians 2:3
Matthew 22:1-10
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