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More Psalms

Though I was not able to record more (new) Psalms Psalm 46 is an old recording – prior as the song: So far – Shofar but it is literally Psalm 46 (in Hebrew)I managed to find the recordings of a concert in 2019 with live recordings

So I added the live versions of Psalm 1, 2 and 58 (58 has no studio version yet)

Pauses and whatever spaces between the Psalms are removed.

Also there is no room ambience since I recorded the Psalms very simple

Two tracks directly out from the Piano and one track the vocals (guesss I took a SM50)

So in the mix I added only a little bit reverb on the vocals – that’s it.


Some errors in playing and singing surely included
But it’s live and live versions I never play the same as studio versions
It’s possible that this was my last concert – depends on the political situation
Not sure if there will ever be any real free live concerts available at all

WHY the last?
Because I will never wear a muzzle when singing since that goes against the spiritual principle
Wearing masks… (especially currently mandatory even for healthy people in specific locations)
…spiritually is occult symbolism – that does not match with Psalms