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Message May 2022 – The real BIG Fools

Message May 2022 It is written… about… the real BIG Fools

In this message Bindernowski speaks about the real BIG BIG fools of this world.
People who truly think they are better than the God of the Bible

If you think like me, that is not according to the streamlined mainstream monkeys and their narrative you may also consider to wear a tin-foil hat

The real BIG Fools


Though all the things I told to several friends in the past of where the political misleader’s will bring us, came to pass, for the truth ministry I might be a conspiracy theorist which is close to an anti-globalist-terrorist.

And one day, all those who believe in the Bible, in Gods written word will become a terrorist.
When the Anti Christ will come to power you will know…

This message here is for May 2022, maybe a bit different

If you are spiritual hyper sensitive, it is very hard, or even almost impossible to watch and listen to certain people.
Gates, Soros, Fauchi, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Schwab, Harari, and many others like them, including possibly almost all politicians (at least those on top) you can feel the demonic spirit or legions of demons in them, and this is what drives them into their tyrannical behavior.

For this message I have looked at some of their speeches
And this here is my personal opinion, but also how their words somehow relates to scripture.
Partially might be a bit ironical or have a slight cynical touch.

But at the end it’s up to you, what to do with it – I just lay down some ideas and thoughts on this.

Let me start with the thing that’s called ″The 4th Industrial Revolution″ without going deeper into the details for now.
If you have not heard about it, there is plenty of information out there online.
Get the pure information of that and not others interpretation on it.
In my view it is an instruction manual straight from the pit of hell, similar to the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030
where I have read a good portion of it.

Matthew 24:6 and Mark 13:7 speaks about War and rumors of war in most translations.
In Greek it’s used both times the same word Polemos (root)
but Aramaic use two different words which are Kirse and Kraveh (whatever the proper pronunciation) but it points to:
“battles and reports of war” or, “rumors of revolutions”.
Actually Revolutions and Wars are very similar as much as I would say but I found it very interesting
that Aramaic has this slight distinction.
Well, revolutions and wars start with some types of lies and end in death and destruction.

Think about the…
French Revolution
Bolshevik revolution
Arab Spring revolution and many others
All of them somehow bloody like war?

Now, connect the 4th Industrial revolution to Matthew 24/ Mark 13
Scripture says that we shall not be disturbed when the plan of the wicked will come to pass.
Their plans very likely fail at least to some extend but I think we are already in this war or the 4th revolution.
You may say, this revolution does not look so physical bloody like in ancient wars with swords or later with guns, tanks and all sort of destructive weapons.
But when the means to achieve this 4th revolution is to leads to murder billions of people with whatever method, what’s the difference?

We can already include weather warfare and 5G in that section which is basically everything included in the Elite’s playbooks.
There they use words that sound great and safe, like surveillance and climate change, sustainable development and so on, but if you look at it with an open mind you can see the diabolic plan behind or between the lines.

By manipulating the weather you can kill many, for example through drought, artificial fires – using chemtrails or other whatever.
The means for climate change is simply to make money and control the population.
If you don’t see these stripes in the sky, guess you need to look up, away from your smarty phony toy in your hand and/or the socialist propaganda media machinery.

About 5G, look at some of these towers.
Have you ever looked closer at some of these towers and how fat cables running up.
And on the other side they are connected to huge transformers of power supplies that could feed whole cities.
For data transfer?

See, if your connection get’s better if you come closer to such a tower or not.
I remember an experience in passing 4 towers the reception strength on the phone never changed.
Think about, if this is very strange or just accept it as it is…

We speak always about energy saving electric devices.
But now with all the LED street lamps the wires are 3 times as fat as with the old ones.
And anyway, how they look like (at least here).
And the cluster of the LED’s, some of them are blank.
And a lot of other things like the rapidly increasing surveillance cameras everywhere…
Is this not somehow very suspicious?
Though in light of scripture and the Agenda playbooks it appears completely logical.

(some pictures of them in the video)

Well, consider, 5G is not much different to microwaves, just open air.
That’s why I call it a 5G-war.

But again, as scripture said in Matthew 24:7
Do not be disturbed or troubled for all these things need to come.

But this is not yet the end!

Others things additionally: Famines and Plagues and Earthquakes, persecution, false prophets and whatever nasty stuff.
Okay: All of this was and is already here throughout history… Nothing new under the dome.

And then, in Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.
Love grows cold or what’s interesting in the Greek is there the word Psycho, which would refer more literal to soulish.
May in a modern form, can we say?:
The Love of many will grow Woke or will grow Green or…LGBT-xyz, or BLM…you name it…

The word psycho relates very much to where all the psychopaths derived from?
People whose love grew Psycho into a evil psycho-delirium or something like that.

Now some interesting statements or phrases certain people throw out of their foolish minds:
Some of the W E F, the world econo… (sorry wrong name) they are “Wicked Evil Foolers”
The words now of two main players,
Yuval Harari and Klaus Schwab

“Humans are now hackable animals
What we learned from the Covid crisis, that we agreed to be surveilled – even in democracy’s.
And this was the moment when surveillance is not only outside but go under the skin.”

Actually I never agreed with surveillance, and possibly many others also not, but tyrants and psychopaths never ask for other peoples opinions or any permission.

For them, almost all the world leaders and all the Elite the population are anyway seen as worthless eaters.

And further they said:
“Have an AI doctor on your smartphone that monitors your body, your health 24/7.
AI will be doing better than humans, for example taxi driving, teaching…”

I don’t know how an AI teachers would respond if you have a different opinion on certain things, like the example if the earth is a ball that floats around in empty space or if the earth is Gods footstool and does not move at all.
I may agree, in some countries taxi drivers are really terrible and when you take a ride with them
you wish they will be replaced, but perhaps you pray like never before to arrive safely.
However, AI driver possibly will be only better if there are only AI cars around but in midst so many ordinary and blind drivers on the road I doubt that AI is able to manage anything at all – but surely not better.

Government is very happy with such a development of surveillance because by that, they can control our lives and society, for example with that thing that they praise so high with the name “social credit”.

I am wondering if or when it will become mandatory to have a smartphone – may they get some interesting responses from me.

What does our LORD say about it?
Well first of all we are created in His image.
Genesis 1:27
Elohim created man in His own image, in the image of Elohim He created him;
male and female He created them.

He does not see us as useless eaters or animals but as someone to whom he desires having an intimate loving relationship.
May some of the Elites have just as much love in their hearts as a brickstone.
There’s no other explanation that there is no love in them when you see how horrible painful things they do against others.

But, looking inside is nothing new under the sun for the LORD,
because from day one the Lord was able to look into our hearts and read the secrets in us.
1 Samuel 16:7
But YHWH said to Samuel, Do not look at his appearance nor at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for Elohim sees not as man sees, for man looks at the eyes, but YHWH looks at the heart.

Jeremiah 12:3
But You know me, O YHWH; You see me; and You examine my heart with You.

When the devil has now transfer this ability over the man by using technology, we don’t need to search a long time, where this will end.

Yeshua don’t need Artificial technology for that, because He is not artificial but real and alive.

He is able to change our hearts
Ezekiel 36:26:
And I shall give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I shall remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh
Or the other way around when the LORD hardened the heart of Pharaoh as written in Exodus 9:12, 10:20,27 or 14:8 (and many more)

More phrases of these psychopaths
“Global Energy systems, food systems and supply chains will be deeply affected.
The 4. Industrial revolution not only change what we are doing but who we are.”

“At the end, what the 4th industrial revolution will lead, is the fusion of our physical, digital and our biological identities.”

When they say, what we are doing, that’s a viewpoint from materialistic perspective as these greedy liars don’t know anything else.
For those who believe and have a personal relationship with the living and loving God it should never be
about power and money to be important but of who we are in Him, in Yeshua.
2. Corinthians 5:17-18
Whoever therefore is in the Mashiach is a new creature, old things have passed away, and all things are made new, By Elohim who has reconciled us to himself by the Mashiach.
1. John 4:4
He who is in Me is greater than he who is in the world.

The digital identity only benefit the Elites and government to control us.

They said it even plain and clear:
“The shifting from humans to algorithms by new technology WE are developing, especially AI and bio technology, which gives US divine power over creation and destruction for business, politics, society, basically everything.”

I don’t think they know what real divine is, only the power for destruction they know very well, because this is right from the devils playbook.
He came to kill, steal and destroy
John 8:44:
You are of your father the devil, and you are willing to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Yes, this is what the devil wants: power over everything.

Further they say:
“The revolution of the 19th century is to produce shoes, clothes and all kinds of stuff.
Now in this 4th revolution we will learn to produce bodies and minds.
If you are not fast enough then you probably become extinct.”

“You have a small group of Elites that pushes things in it’s own interests, even if it does not benefit the vast majority.
When the flood comes, the scientists will build an ark for the elites and will leave the rest to drown.”

Their comparison with biblical stories is very interesting, but not surprising.
How often the devil tries to copy things of the bible, and twist it around for the destruction of mankind?

My words on that?
Yes, another flood with a great storm will come again but it will wash the Elites away because their house is built on sand – bang, bye bye, or if I allowed to say to point to a certain person: Bye By then (Biden).

These wicked people are so deluded that they believe all the lies of the devil.
And yes, they adore him so much that all what he says they do the same way without a tiny fraction
of love and compassion for other people.
And this is really sad, because billions of people got squeezed under their diabolic actions.

Of course, the devil gives the Elites a lot of promises with success, fame, wealth and so on.
And indeed they receive it.

I had a similar experience, when the devil came to me and promised to give me everything I want… IF I submit ho him.
Well, he came too late, as I already understood he is a liar.
Yes, he made my life pretty much hard and messy and I could hardly accomplish anything that I would loved to achieve.
But eternal life with Yeshua is more important than anything in this world.
No matter, how life will turn out, nothing is worthy to make a covenant or pact with the devil.

Now more of the WEF’s spells

“The Future of the elite and future of homo sapiens”

If you read here between the lines you may realize something, that has been thoroughly planned since centuries.
Two groups here, the Elites and the rest of the people.
Division, and the mainstream liars play the biggest role in that, for at least several decades, and it almost looks like it gets worse. What Göbbels tried to achieve seem to be perfected now.
Young against old, white against black, tall against short, jabbed against unjabbed, male against female,
healthy and sick, rich and poor, educated against uneducated… the list is just endless.

The sad thing here is that so many Christians jump on that destructive train.

Now more of them, right after the sentence above:
The Elite is being transformed into another kind of species.
WE will bring humans into a higher norm – with increased abilities

When any politician say “WE” it does not mean that they speak necessarily in the name of the people or the population of a nation.
“WE” mostly refers to a small group of powerhungry maniacs.
Most what they say in politics and leadership is double speech with the serpent tongue.

But it gets much more interesting as they say:

“Equality is out, immortality is in.
We’re now be able to solve the problem of death.
We don’t have to wait til the second coming of Christ.
We don’t need to wait for Jesus Christ to come back to earth in order to overcome death, a couple of geeks in a laboratory can do it.
The possibility to upgrade humans into super humans.
We will give up on God but we will turn ourselves into new kinds of gods, may acquire the divine ability to ourselves.”

Sounds partially maybe like new age or something similar.
Regardless how one categorize it, it’s simply a diabolic agenda (lie).
Well, somehow immortality is already in us.
The question is only where we will spend the eternity.

I know and it can be seen so often:
They (real satanists/ occultist) know the bible possibly much better than most Christians.
YES, Sounds terrible but so it is.
Those who are deep, deep entangled in their occult know the bible pretty well.
The only difference between them and the real alive Christians is, they don’t understand of what is written
as they don’t invite the Holy Spirit to give them understanding of the Truth in Scripture.

But they get their instruction by the Spirit of the Anti Christ and the deceiver, the devil and so all the things they say and do are just upside down.

Now more of their statements:
“New religion will be probably emerge from Silicon valley and not the middle east; promise paradise on earth with the help of genetic engineering AI and computer algorithms…
The new tech will promise immortality with the help of Technology.”

New religion? New technology?
Over thousands of years countless religions popped up like mushrooms in a damp warm forest, so, what’s new on that?
Let them have their “paradise” on earth.
It is promised 7 years of their paradise with a reduced population.
And at the end, most of them will very likely have their immortal life in hell.
Maybe only 0,000001% of these wicked people might repent before it’s too late.

About technology…
UFO’s or similar stuff is labeled as conspiracy – but could it be, that it is real?
I just name it alien technology, but I am certain all of this this is real and not just science fiction or Hollywood.
It’s diabolic technology, located like huge cities in certain places under the oceans – and they interact with humans to transfer their knowledge, which is far advanced of what ordinary people know.

If you don’t believe it, pray into that.
But pray without prejudice and ask the Lord about the true truth on that.
But don’t be surprised or shocked if He might give you a dream or a vision about it and explain it… if could be even worse.

Now the last section of words from Megalomaniacs minds:

“The ability of God – we now acquiring this abilities for ourselves.
In the bible God is the creator.
WE create and even go beyond.
God (can) create only organic beings.
But WE can create non organic entities like Cyborgs.
So We will go beyond the God of the bible.”

If you have never listened to the parody that I have on my website and on the video channels, it is almost like a must!
Just consider, the basics of that parody were actually laid in April 2016, though it took over three years to get finished in 2019.
It was never intended to be prophetic but more like an ironic view of the madness and what wicked people are doing in this world.
Yet when you look over time, you will recognize more and more parts in this parody appears as prophetic fulfillment.
I highly recommend to watch and listen to.
Go to that page and from there you can chose one after the other part of the parody
Link is HERE:

So they think one day they will be more advanced than the God of the bible?
And I am very sure they even believe it.

But I am truly wondering how Adonai can bear all of this and also what He thinks about it when He watch and hear all that stuff?
We know just a tiny tiny piece of a fraction of this evil and wickedness, and it’s hard to impossible to digest it.
But imagine, Yeshua who is able to see everything in details, how can he remain silent for so long.

Yeshua must be constantly rolling on the floor from laughing, maybe that’s why He does not act so quickly.
You find it in Psalm 2:4
He who dwells in heaven laughs, Adonai will have them in derision

So these vainglorious individuals truly think, they can beat the God of the bible?
How hilarious is this?
Well, all what they have been able to create until this very day appears to be only destruction.
Or have you seen anything of love and compassion in their actions?
For some of them I am even not sure if they already sealed their eternal fate in hell, or I am wondering if they are still human or already cyborgs.
How many hundreds of times they had a chance to repent but refused to change?

I don’t think it is boldness to come before the Lord and say I am better than you.
For me it appears more as just utter pride and arrogance.
Do you think God will respond with a friendly smile, when someone describes Him constantly as a bumbler or (whatever the best word in English would be) to declare him as incompetent.
They blaspheme God publicly over and over and over and over – straight into His face and so many Christians think they shall spend most their time to pray for their salvation.
Would you spend most your time to pray for Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe, Mussolini, Mao, Nero and others like them?
How many of them have ever repented in history?
Yes, we don’t know it for sure but I doubt any of these entered heaven.

Did Noach and his family pray for the wicked people?
Maybe, maybe not, but surely he warned them but they did not turn from their wicked ways, not one of them repented and entered the ark.
Only he and his family, 8 people made it.

Yes, Jonah cried out for repentance and the people of Nineveh repented.
But they had only 40 days and not 40 weeks or years.
Do you think the Lord will give endless time to someone who constantly rebel and blaspheme against him while hearing the message of repentance every day?
If people sin a lot like those with addictions, it is also somehow rebellion. But in their weakness and broken personality I have much more hope that there is enough mercy for them when they come even thousands of times and ask for forgiveness, to enter heaven.
But here I speak about the wicked in constant rebellion without repentance and who heard many warnings
over and over again.
Pharaoh got warned until the point the Lord hardened his heart that his destruction was finally sealed.

But from another perspective when we hear and see what wicked people are doing and saying, does it not show us clearly how close we are til the very very end?

When they say we don’t have to wait for the second coming of the Messiah because we already are advanced enough to gain immortality through technology.
And yes, I believe they have it!
It might not be perfected yet but it is surely only a matter of a short time until they have it completed, and will use it for themselves.
Just think about the warp speed of technological development – how far will they be in even only 2 years?
So in my opinion it gives enough evidence that the end can come almost every day.

Though I believe Yeshua will take His bride out and this will be the main trigger to start the big tribulation.

I could be wrong but if I am right, don’t blame me when you are left behind.
And the final word to everyone in this message I would say is:
Bring your house in order NOW.
Whatever it means individually for you I don’t know, surely different for everyone.
But most important:
Be Holy for YHWH (the LORD) is Holy! (Leviticus 11:44-45, 19:23, 20:26 / 1 Peter 1:16)

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