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Message 2024/05 All the ″wondrous″ stripes

Message 05 Month 03 2024 All the ″wondrous″ stripes (in the sky)

Boker Tov, Guten Morgen, God morgon, Bonjour, Dobroe utro… Good morning sky.
May you are all familiar with such a view outside when you wake up or at least when you look up.
Morning sky


Except if there are a lot of clouds, like on rainy days, usually in the morning it’s actually often nice and blue, and then not too many hours later these stripes just cover the whole sky.

For more images and “entertainment” please watch the video

I am not sure if I am allowed to say that without being censored, but I don’t care, and these are without any doubt not contrails but the thing we know as chemtrails, whether this is a technical proper term or not, I don’t know, but you know what I am talking about.
Here a good example of the difference between the real contrails and the toxic spray.

The cocktail that are mixed there I don’t know for certain, and it might even depends on the country and region – who truly knows.
One thing is sure, this is simply poison – for the reason to re-establish the goal that was written on the removed Georgia Guide-stones rubble – maybe they needed to remove them for an update, we will see, time will tell.

But some different thoughts about that stuff.
You surely know all the voices from the brainless climate loons.
Lets try to connect it, I am sure, the majority of the stripes are not ″designed″ by commercial aircraft’s but dedicated planes.
Whether these are military grade or just planes, tainted and painted as commercial aircraft’s, so that not too many people will get suspicious.
Have you ever thought about how a normal passenger plane can carry all the people, luggage including cargo, and besides that, tons of chemicals?
In my opinion it just doesn’t make sense – to carry additional loads of chemicals.
Anyway, have you ever heard a big outcry of the climate maniacs, not only for the chemicals that are sprayed into the sky but also the amount of fuel these extra planes consume.
They want to ban ordinary people to fly, or limit to one flight every year or whatever (except for those tho have enough money), but never address the chem-spray-planes.
Well, you may hear the answer of the reason to justify all the stripes in the sky, it’s all for our good to fight the climate hoax or climate change (they say).
Geo engineering, which is known since many decades, and now to cool the planet and reduce CO2 as the current agenda.

Now I have something for the math experts.
How many cow farts would you need to produce so much gas as one plane use to paint a hundred mile of stripe in the sky.
Maybe you need all cows, let’s say from a country like Holland combined. And they need to fart all day long to reach that amount.
So if I see every day here a thousand miles of stripes, then all the cows from 10 countries need to give their best.
Now continue with math.
Then watch in 100 different places across the world the same scenario in the sky, which is possibly only a fraction of the real amount, which is possibly only a fraction of the real amount, but let it be only 100, and count again.
How many countries would we need, full with cows farting all day long?
Now I’ll leave the final math up to you, and to find thousand countries in the world with enough cows – yeah, and that’s the problem they say.
But maybe we can add the farts of the elephants and all other animals – and even 7.5 billion of humans where the elite count anyway as useless eating animals – but with all this combined together, I am sure we are not getting even close to the pollution of the sky-spray-industry.

Here’s some colors in the clouds that look very natural, right?
Or perhaps not really…
As much as I heard that there is also aluminum in the spray, just to use one example.
Take a piece of a flat aluminum profile.
Let’s say roughly 6 feet costs 6 dollars.
I thought, what would be the price if all the hundreds or thousands of tons of aluminum would not end up as particles in the sky, the oceans and fields…
Maybe we could get such a piece for 20 cents or perhaps half the price?

And back to the climate nuts.
I don’t see them protesting against war, which is another can of polluted worms, which I don’t open here.
But consider only the amount of emission or waste of gas and oil, and only from the amount to carry all the weapons into Ukraine (from America, from Europe and from wherever)… and I’m not talking about the emission of the war itself, which is surely off the charts and don’t add the war in Israel/ Gaza.
I think the world would need to be crowded with cows to compete against it, even if you would give them beans to eat – you know, that musical food we use to say – guess you know how it sounds.

But now I want to jump into another section with the geoengineering.
Lately I came across an article, or I think this was a very short video, that explained roughly about the way how the globalist psychopaths want to dim the sun to tackle the so called climate problems.
It’s anyway ridiculous their fear-mongering talks about the sea levels rising, which is surely the reason that most of them have their gigantic mansions just by the seaside. Makes sense for the Oxy-morons, right?

And that article or video explained, how they will release specific chemicals in the sky at a certain altitude, how it works for the sunlight to be reflected into space – and so the earth will be cooling down and blah blah blah.
I am not going here into any details or the faked statistics, how they play with the data to convince the brainwashed sheeples with a so-called doomsday scenario and fill the lamestream propaganda channels with fear.
That’s why they are currently working hard to implement worldwide a law of misinformation and disinformation (some countries are already almost there), which excludes actually the state sponsored mainstream liars (oh what a coincidence) – they supposed to be the only real source of truth, according to the devils sons and daughters – where the devil himself is te father of all lies.

There is a book of real truth (called the bible) and everything they do is already foretold here.
Of course this is book the next that will be banned, except the Gen-Z or AI version, or similar ones.
That’s why I recommend you to carry the truth in your heart. Though all translations have some flaws, but you can make your studies with some better versions and the help of the Holy Spirit and including you can add some study tools as long they are available (online) to reduce the leaven.

But back to the dimming of the sun.
So, I am not a scientist, not for real science if such a thing even exist but surely not for Fauchi science, I am a watchman and seer with a personal relationship to Yeshua.
But while I looked at the information a thought came to my mind, actually a verse from the bible, which is Revelation 16:8 which says ″The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was permitted to scorch people with fire.″

So, you may wonder, what has this to do with the dimming of the sun, is this not the opposite?
A (motion) picture came actually together with the verse to my mind:
To explain it I need to mention first a few other things.
You may know the big controversy of globe earth versus flat earth or whatever shape or form.
You can believe what you want, either schoolbook science or the bible or the version of the logo of UN and WHO, you decide.
Scripture says: Elohim made a firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament… Genesis 1 verse 7

Now, see tor imagine he firmament or the waters above as a mirror and the earth as an enclosed system that Elohim has perfectly balanced (without toxic stripes of unknown chemicals or whatever poison in the sky).
So when they try to dim the sun by reflecting the sunlight back into the sky, then, instead that the heat will disappear into their deep space, it bounces back and increase the temperature or cause whatever effect.
Don’t get me wrong, again, I don’t look at this with scientific glasses, it’s just what came to my mind as a motion image, whether it’s from the Holy Spirit or my own fantasy, but I usually don’t let my fantasy flow while watching something online.

Some additional thoughts on this…
The dimming surely will not cause immediate response, but if it goes on for a certain time, may it destroys something important that is up high in the sky in the atmosphere, stratosphere or whatever-sphere.
And then… one day, that is described in Revelation 16:8 as like the protection shield that is created between sun and earth will fall apart and this will cause the sun to scorch the people – those who are still alive.
May I compare it with the last straw that breaks the camels back, or a bridge that will not collapse gradually but suddenly as soon it reaches a certain weight limit.

May you can create your own theory on how it might happen.
But what I wanted to focus on the thought, that the dimming of the sun may result in exactly the opposite effect as these maniacs try to sell to mankind as a great solution to save us.
And of course, as they are driven by the devil their intentions are anyway not to save mankind but to destroy as much as possible… and then what will be left… will cause them to blaspheme God and blame Him for the disaster as written in the following verses of Revelation.

There is only one who can save us, and this is Yeshua, who came in the flesh, carried our sins, died on the cross, was buried and rose again and ascended into heaven where He sat down on the right hand of the power and is coming back on the clouds of the heaven, and not on chemtrails.
And one day He will separate the sheep from the goats.

Honestly I’m looking forward to the new heavens and new earth where there will be no more toxic chemicals in the sky and whatever poisonous dust raining down on us and also no psychopaths who think they are higher than YHWH.
However, for now we just have to live with the filthy sky from morning til morning until we receive a new heaven and a new earth.
Actually, the pilots who follow orders and press the buttons to release the hurtful powders upon the people I advice to repent before it’s too late – it’s serious.
On judgment day you will be held accountable for murder, similar to the needle distributors with this specific well known ″Version 19 liquid″ also known as the ″Josef-Mengele-final-solution-venom″.
And your eternal future without repentance will be the place that was originally prepared for the devil and his angels only, in common language the place called hell.
Repent, turn to Yeshua and give your life to Him, be/become born again and you will safe your life – or you will lose it forever.

However, as for our current life here, I am certain, we may not see the stripes much longer in the sky, as we are heading warp speed into the final years of humanity.
I can actually only laugh about the globalists zero carbon plans for 2050.
By that time, even without the interference of Adonai I just can’t see, humanity is still alive in midst all poison, war and the 4th industrial revolution…

I’ll leave the rest up to you

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