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Message 2024/03 Heaven or Hell – the future

Message 2024/03 Month 02 Heaven or Hell – the future (our future)

Beginning of Message:

You may wonder why I don’t talk about politics, when everyone seem to be focused on that and especially this year with the elections or may you name it selections in America – and of course, it would definitely give many more views on the video.
Well, I only speak about things the Lord put on my heart, and if only 2 people watch this message then it was for those two.
I don’t want to waste my time with politics, ″climatricks″ or ″greedy-ticks″ if this is not what Abba wants (If He wants it, I will do it).

But now to the subject: Heaven or Hell:

Message 2024-03 Heaven and Hell - the future


There are a lot of people out who don’t believe in the bible or specifically in heaven and hell – well, everyone’s free choice.
But each person in this world is more or less aware that one day they will die – I mean, except small toddlers for example who don’t have a concept of death yet, but I don’t address them.

Whether heaven and hell is the proper word doesn’t matter to me.
Like with the word rapture we are dealing with many languages and the difficulty of variations in translations and also some sort of common language where everyone understands (what you talk about), regardless if this is theologically precise or not.
But I’m not going to split hairs I just use the traditional wording heaven and hell, and here as the biblical concept or a view of that.

Whether you believe the word of Elohim is the truth or not, doesn’t matter, one day you will know.
But at the end, don’t blame the ones who spoke to you concerning repentance and eternal life or eternal death, about heaven and hell.
It’s up to you to accept or reject Yeshua as your lord and savior.
And also on that matter I don’t fuss around about the name as some people do.
So if some use Jesus in English, others say Yehushua or similar, it’s fine with me, I say Yeshua.
But there are actually people out there who claim, if you don’t pronounce the name correctly you go to hell.
That’s nonsense, I ignore such people, because they judging over life and death.

And actually, if you use for example the name Yehushua in some languages there is no letter shin spoken ″sh″ and in some countries the people can’t even pronounce it, so they need a workaround for that – I know one country, though there are possibly more.
And listen to how many people try to pronounce the Hebrew Toda Raba or Rosh Chodesh, or the German cities Düsseldorf or Köln… they just fail. Just imagine, our savior would have a name like the Finnish formal greeting Hyvää Päivää – with such a name, very likely more will fail.
Personally I won’t dare to try pronouncing Arabic or Chinese or many other languages.
I was not long ago in a country where their language sounded to me like mumbling.
So, the people who don’t pronounce the name of the Lord and Savior correctly will not go to hell, period – this is not how the Love of Adonai works.
He looks into the heart and knows if someone calls upon him or just make a show, using His name to gain money. And those who use His name in vain or misuse it to gain wealth are surely in danger of hell’s fire, as those who can’t pronounce it (properly) and they should better repent.

But it doesn’t matter, regardless if one address the savior and says Yeshua, Jesus, Iesus, Isu or whatever…
Yeshua don’t want anyone to perish (not one person) but all to have eternal life, which means, life in heaven, whether they are able to pronounce His name correctly or not. He wants everybody to be with Him forever and ever.

Definitely, the tower of Babel was a very idea, inspired from hell. Such a mess and confusion of languages and the misunderstanding and quarrel that arrived with it – though it reveals the hearts of men.
But it remains that Yeshua don’t want anyone to perish, 2 Peter 3:9.

We usually say heaven and hell and not hell and heaven, but I want to say a few things about hell before I come to the main section on heaven.

For the ones whose future will be in the place called hell – hard enough to think about, less to imagine.
I think no-one is able to comprehend the physical and spiritual torment there, though they will experience it.
I had a dream where I have seen some small sections there, made me a little bit wonder.
A friend of mine have given an extended journey through horrible sections in hell but luckily by the grace of Yeshua she could get out, which changed drastically her view of life.

I actually covered this subject in a video called ″HELL… is a real place″ and posted it quiet some time ago – try to put the link below, so you can watch it (not sure if I have a transcript on that).
That video gives a bit a description how it looks and feels there.
If you don’t believe, and your name is not written in the lambs book of life, you will know one day, that it is real. But when you find yourself in hell after this life on earth it will be too late.

But enough of hell, I want to paint the scene of heaven now.
For those who will go there… or desire to go there… or even for the ones who question it.

No, I have not given a trip to heaven where some other people supposedly have (like a regular shuttle), but my little understanding of the scripture of what Adonai has prepared for us (called heaven) gives me enough evidence to know, it’s beyond imagination.
But lately as I was walking along the shore in prayer and received a vision in my mind about it.

Are you looking forward to go there to heaven?
Personally I can’t wait for the moment to enter that place but it is actually impossible to imagine, regardless of how many dreams and visions we get or the depth of our understanding in scripture.
Actually, I don’t know really where and how to start.

Will we sit on the clouds and sing all day long HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah ?

No, but I will mention a fraction of some things – first, try to imagine all bad things will not exist in heaven anymore.
We are so used to the daily flood of information or even physical confrontation with all the bad stuff and it gets worse and worse.

On the contrary, in heaven, walking along the streets of gold without any fear to be robbed, kidnapped or beaten down for no reason or just because of the wrong nationality, faith, skin color or the form of the nose, someone else don’t like… hard to imagine – and I sense there in heaven contrary to the world where it gets worse and worse, in heaven it will get better and better.

In heaven is peace, real peace, not only the absence of war

Though some might say certain countries had no war since decades or some say centuries.
The Peace poop prize, given some years ago to the Evil Union will not make them any better than any other dictatorial regime, but people don’t really understand what peace is.
The absence of war is not real peace but only one aspect.
And indeed it appears at first glance in many countries there is no war, but think deeper.

First of all in the spiritual, but also emotional and surely physical, and this is in every little corner of this world.
The spiritual war is all over the world since Lucifer rebelled against God (and a third of the angels with him), and then throughout all human history with some sort of emotional and physical impact, everywhere.
And another war (if you realize and know that, or not) is called the super wealthy against the rest of the population, or the globalists against the global warming or better say against the useless eaters and against overpopulation, basically the 1% against approximately 95% of all humans.
That’s war with impact on people’s lives where many simply die. It’s been fought in different ways and weapons – since 4 years one option and weapon it crystal clear.
And these Banksters and Gangsters care only about themselves. And some weapons might be: ″A law for me and a law for you″, beside money and greed.

In heaven there is no disease:

And to look at that : The older you get the more you realize and feel how diseases are also not our friends.
I am not talking about the artificial bio-weapons or energy weapons and toxins in food that weakens our bodies, just look at the normal aging process.
Though I am doing pretty well for my age, but I realize things are not so well or easy anymore as they used to be. Some limitations were caused by accidents others might be a result of the poisoned food we have to eat and to some extend can’t avoid and some of it is just normal wear and tear.
We can’t avoid poisoned food, even if you grow your own garden. Poisoned rain comes down – what can you do…

And then to visualize heaven…
Absolutely no diseases, it’s just beyond comprehension, yet exciting to consider the removal of all these (physical) limitations and to think we will not grow weary and our bodies will not see corruption anymore.
Yes, we are so much used to diseases even we don’t like them, but they come and increase as the world gets poisoned more and more. And we are not yet at the end, where I think the bigger more toxic things are just around the corner or in a bit distance, but they are coming.

And the next is a big one:

In Heaven there will be no more lies, because the devil, who is the father of all lies will not be there anymore.
And indeed, this thing is actually very strange and somehow contradicting, when it says with God all things are possible as mentioned in Luke 18:27 or Mark 14:36.

On the other side Hebrews 6:18 says, that it is impossible for Elohim to lie.
Regardless if this is out of context, but the Father in heaven just can’t lie, which is strange enough – maybe not for you but for me.
The one who created that whole messy thing called earth and all that’s in it, isn’t able to lie.
Yet He created humans in His image with the capacity to lie but He Himself is not able to lie – think about it.
How and where did lies came from? Out of thin air, like money? Or out of nothing like the evolution theory?

Clear is, many humans take great advantage of the ability to lie – using lies to cover their other lies, layer upon layer upon layer. And of what I can see, politricktians or people in leadership or high positions seem to have all Master degrees in lies.
Maybe that’s a part of their manager training.

However, We all fall short in that regard and we are not much better .
Just think, how often we repeat the lies we learned at school or from TV watching news or whatever.
Though I wish I could live without lying and doing all kinds of other sin, but more, knowing we are created in the image of Elohim and He, our creator is not able to lie, is just beyond comprehension.
So, how much I look forward to heaven where there are no lies.

Another famous one are temptations, that does not exist in heaven.

I love the sea, the beach, swimming, the sun and the warmth of summer.
But beaches are usually not holy places, not at all, and so I find it very hard to keep the eyes and mind away from ″certain″ temptations which easily lead to sin even if it’s only in fantasy.
Beside that, there are enough other temptations in every aspect and corner of life.

To think about heaven, absolutely desirable and glorious to be free of temptations, free from running into the spiral of sin.

Another aspect of heaven, though that was not much on the focus in my vision:

Often when people think about heaven they focus often to all the gold and splendor with the jewelry, pearls and the magnificent beautiful decorations and so on, basically the things that are attractive for the eyes, things we are taught from childhood, all the glitter and shiny things that Hollywood and their friends presented us day in day out as the things we ought to desire.

Really? Is this the important part of heaven?
Ì could see the incredible joy, the perfect peace and the love in heaven is way more valuable and actually beyond comprehension, and so much more than all the glitter and shiny stuff there.

But hold on, I am not finished yet.

Other things I saw in the vision and more excited to see and experience one day in reality is the vast amount of lovingkindness, the happiness, praise and worship, thankfulness, and the list of great good things is endless and it will be endless…
Too much to comprehend as we still live in such a corrupt world that will, one day pass away.

Revelation 21:4
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

In heaven… there will be no more pain and suffering,
no more sin nor corruption,
no more hate, or hatespeech
no more violence, crime, war, disease, disinformation, misinformation, fear, greed, lies and the list goes on and on and on… all these things don’t exist in heaven.

And by the way, in heaven we will not use those stupid surveillance toys (some say smart phone) anymore, where people stare all day long into it, and waste their time in socialist media, but we will again talk face to face and we don’t have to chatter like a lamestream journalist in order to be heard or think we will be heard through propaganda.
What we will have is a real warm loving relationship with the Father in Heaven, with Yeshua and all the saints that will make it to heaven.

I have not covered the rewards that awaits for those who love Him and so keep His commandments.
Well, your rewards might be big, mine maybe small, but nevertheless I thought, maybe when I receive them I may look for the 24 elders and then, when they cast their crowns before the throne, I may cast my rewards also with them before the throne of Adonai.
What can we do without Him?
We are nothing and we can’t do anything without Him, all the glory and honor belongs to the One, who sits on the throne, Yeshua.

Just to get a perspective a little bit…
A simple tent in heaven is gazillion times better than the greatest palace or sea-side mansion on earth with a private jet, helicopter and super-yacht or whatever.
All that stuff can burn down get plundered or break, or a zombie-like mob might arrive at the door like at the house of Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah.
However to remain comparing, a simple tent in the Sahara desert or in Siberia on earth is a gazillion times better than any place, even the best place in hell.

But I want to finish here with heaven as I had this vision in my mind.
It’s actually impossible to imagine all the glory and beauty with the righteousness, peace, joy and an ocean of love. Flowers will never wither and there will be no more death. Everything will be alive forever and ever.

Whatever happens within the rest of your days here on earth, whether good or bad, the one thing I want to make sure that my name is written in the lambs book of life.
This flat or spinning earth one day will pass away, but our future will be eternal.
Forever in hell or forever in heaven, so harsh it sounds.

Yes, it’s somehow difficult to process that there is no middle ground, like to decide after death or before, our whole being, the body, spirit and soul simply to be erased, to vanish into nothing.
But the hard fact is, our future is either heaven or hell.

Now, if your name is not written there in the book of life, make sure it will be signed in now.
Time is short, tomorrow can be too late to receive Yeshua as Lord and Savior in your heart.
You will definitely never regret, once you are in heaven where there is no wickedness, nothing evil or anything bad.
And I hope and pray for a mighty harvest beyond everything seen before, so billions of souls can enter the place called heaven and receive the endless love that surrounds us like oil of joy and gladness beyond measure.

End of Message

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