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Message 2024/02 Prophets and Profits – “exposed″

Message 2024/02 Prophets and Profits – ″exposed″ Month 01

This message may sound a bit controversial, coming from someone who post prophetic words (online).

Well, I will start actually with a true story, quiet some years back:
Message 2024-02 Prophets and Profits - exposed


There was a woman who followed a certain prophet (not me), a true modern prophet I would say; She followed him to literally every conference or wherever he was speaking.
And sure, sitting always in the first row, so that at the end of the service she could straight run to him asking if the Lord has given him a word for her. May you can imagine how annoying this becomes after a while. Apparently, he never got anything and he did not say anything, actually nowhere, to please anyone even if this has caused that sometimes a lot of angry people who invited him to a conference or wherever.

Now, long story short, one day of course, again same business, this woman, right after the service, running to him asking for a word of the Lord from him.
And then, one day, inspired by the Holy Spirit he said: YES!
May you can imagine how this woman must have been electrified, and in joy smiling from ear to ear.
Well, he gave her a bible and said to her, a whole book.
YES, A whole book! He never saw her again.
And indeed, this book is filled with prophecies.

And it actually contains everything we need to know, everything beside that is decoration or explanation in modern language with words describing modern technology.
I am not going into the discussion about those books that are not in the canon, like the book of Chanoch, Sirach, Jasher or whatever, because that can of worms is too big to open here.
I just go with the bible we have which is enough anyway.
But the bible exposes all what we do, say, think, watch, eat, basically all we are.
So I can close now and say bye – or maybe I will add my two coins.
Will try to make it not too long – but apparently I can’t speak faster except with tons of errors.

May you heard about there are people, who claim that there are no more prophets today or prophecy doesn’t exist anymore, and the last prophets were the ones in the bible, whether some say it was Malachi, somewhere around 500BCE, or others might go to John with the book of Revelation, and some might point the end of it at the cross or with the death of the last early disciple.

Either way… without prophets there will be also no teachers, shepherds, evangelists and apostles.
If that’s the case, then Paul is speaking a lot of useless stuff for example in Ephesians 4:11-13 and other places.
Evangelizing without evangelists, hmmm, teaching without teachers and poor sheep without a shepherd

I know there are a lot of false prophets out there especially online these days, that’s not a question as scripture said so, plain and clear, foretold.
Some of them seem to get a ride to heaven every week or even twice every week, and to others it appears the Lord speaks to them almost every day.
I mean I wish everyone would hear the Lord speaking to him every day, all the time and I pray all who are listening will hear Him every day – but that doesn’t mean everything the Holy Spirit speaks, needs to be published (as something for the people out in the world) like to say; ″thus says the Lord″ or something like that.
No, this is not the way, a private conversation is what He wants, an intimate relationship.

A few times I was listening to some of these daily or almost daily prophets, but usually I only scan the headlines – for example reading the title: God told me dah dah dah, or The Lord showed me this or that.
Occasionally I look into it and often I thought, I never heard anything about what was mentioned in the title. What does he/she talk about? Only a lot of blurry words but nothing specific of what the Lord truly said with half and hour introduction about nothing, I would say just click bait.

There is also the claim that a true prophet needs to be 100% correct, 99.99% is not enough.
Well, was Jonah then a false prophet? …when he said in 40 days Nineveh will be destroyed, when it did not get destroyed.
Some said, he was right because it got destroyed decades later – but no no, the prophecy said 40 days.
If people give a timeline in these modern days, like for example Trump will be back by springtime 2022 an it doesn’t happen, that’s a complete different story. Okay, I am not American and far away from there, perhaps I have missed something?
Maybe he would have been back if he would have repented in sackcloth and ashes together with his followers, than this prophecies would have had some impact, even when the timeline would not have been accurate, like the people who repented in Nineveh, maybe Adonai would have brought him back as president.
I only bring this part of politics because so many Christians are obsessed with prayers into politics and the promise-prosperity profits gain profit from that.
However, we are still waiting for Isaiah to be confirmed as a true prophet since Damascus is not yet a heap of rubble.
Yes, it’s bad there but still lots of people live there in houses.

And then, look at so many of these online prophets.
Tens of thousands of people just buy everything from certain people who claim to have something prophetic, or hear something they don’t even say, or sometimes they don’t say anything that makes any sense and anything useful at all – but still so many people buy that stuff. It’s almost like a disease, a plague, whatever…

Oh, personally I wish all believers would just read their bibles and let the Holy Spirit teach them and also listen of what He has to say about the daily life and society and so on, everything, instead listening and watching hours of hours online prophets and teachers, preachers… let’s go out and preach yourself to your neighbor.

Okay, now i truly believe there are honestly reliable true modern prophets, whether they see themselves as such or are simply called to be prophets…
I have listened to some where it appears to me, the word, dream or vision seem to be very legitimate and true, but then they need an hour to talk around, when the essence could be said within 5 or 10 minutes, and it appears to me there are many of these people around.
Just imagine, if the biblical prophets of old would have always thrown their two cents and opinions into the word they received from YHWH, the bible would possibly have 10,000 pages or more.
The dream or vision of these modern prophets might be a few minutes but then they decorate it with an hour of some sort of interpretation or explanation or whatever personal stuff and often in a manipulative speech to convince the listeners this is from God.
Just think about how is it possible that certain modern online prophets have received more supposed words from the Lord to share with the world within one year, than all prophets in scripture combined over a period of 1000 or more years. Hmmm, think about that.

Yes, some people have a tremendous gift of speech, this is true.
A friend of mine whose wife talks all day long, her mouth is always open – he often said, be glad that you are not married, though this is a different thing.
However, on prophecies, I just don’t have the time and energy to listen to an hour of personal opinions. A little bit is okay and of course a short introduction is also acceptable, but if that consumes 80, 90 or even 95% of the whole speech, then I simply switch off. Okay, if the word itself is an hour, fine, as we see some of the prophecies, when we read it it will also take us an hour or more to get through, but typically the main message is only a few minutes (from the modern online prophets).

Sometimes it is clear, that the dreams or words might be truly from Elohim, but then, which it appears to me it happened often, it is covered with personal opinions of a weak, wounded or immature person, so the whole prophecy falls into a deceptive construct and at the end the real word that it contains, is so much twisted that the truth it contains is almost completely drowned or lost.
It appears to me a lot of those who post videos are very fragile personalities and should work very hard to gain strength – and get very good counsel from the right place.
Just imagine a emotional labile person gets a lot of dreams and visions of apocalyptic stuff, described in the bible about the last days, how it affects what they say.

Of course, it’s no question, those who only speak prosperity and blessings you can skip – that’s wishful thinking but not prophecy, (yes, sometimes this can happen, but some of these people have to 100% only such words of blessing and prosperity ) though they have usually many followers.
Those who speak only doom and gloom but never mention the grace and love of Yeshua are somehow similar, just on the other extreme.
In politics they would be framed either in the far left or far right, wherever you put which group…

Yes, I wish the world would become better and life easier, no question on that, but the sad and hard fact is of what we read in the scripture, like Daniel or Revelation, it just doesn’t point to a quick turnaround as by a push of a button or out of thin air.
A lot in biblical history is crystal clear, which shows, it will get worse unless peoples and nations will turn back to the Lord and obey His commandments, from top of government down to the bottom, to the very least. If that doesn’t happen nothing will change.
Politics will never change anything, the only one who can change anything is Yeshua, the Father in Heaven.

Most times I’m actually wondering why do we need the exhausting extras, please subscribe, click the notification bell, donate, and support and whatever information or at least such an emphasis to do so, as some do.
Everyone who join these platforms knows how things work.

Anyway, my approach is clear: freely we have received, freely we give, the Father in heaven is our provider – no-one else at the end.
Yes, I understand it takes time and effort and maybe a little money to create such a video, but adding a giving or donation begging sermon, which some do, is nonsense.
That’s the behavior of the Profits not of the prophets.
Those who desire to create money from posting prophecies on socialist media need urgently consider to examine their hearts and check if this is compatible with scripture.
Sure, it’s approved, it can be lucrative, but if this is a motivation (to make money), then there is seriously something wrong.
That’s the category of the Profits and not the Prophets.
Like the apostles we should say, Gold and silver we don’t have but be healed in the Name of Yeshua, or delivered, or whatever.
Just the ″slight″ difference between a prophet and a profit.
Prophecy is not a business it is a gift, which we even can’t purchase that, it is freely given from above, and He gives to whom he desires to give .

Anyway, do we need prophets?
Some say yes, others say no.
In my opinion, both are somehow right.
We surely don’t need prophets to predict the future which many think this is what prophets do.
No, we don’t really need that anymore because first of all it is written in scripture and indeed, the future is not really edifying at least not in the political, economical, social (socialist) aspect.
I mean, if a prophet are shown some details that will help us to be better prepared of what is coming than I would say yes that is a good thing.
Prophecies that point to repentance like Jonah, great!
But if the prophecy is somewhat vague or fuzzy, talking around the bush, then, forget it – just a waste of time.
If prophecies point to sin, this of course is okay.

And when I mention that we don’t need to listen to prophecies about what is coming there is an easier and more precise and effective way to do this: Just look at the websites of the WEF, WHO, UN or listen to the speeches of certain globalists.
They don’t hide anything anymore, they publish everything in plain sight crystal clear, of what they want to accomplish – and meanwhile they are fairly successful actually with their diabolic plans, to kill, steal and destroy, because they follow the instructions from their Father, or the one whom they worship, namely the devil.
They need to repent, definitely a very serious repentance – almost in sackcloth and ashes – though many of them will not.

And as a side note, all of this makes me wonder how much all those police who enforce these tyrannical measures must hate their own children, if they actually have some, because by following orders of dictator-like tyrants, their own kids will be the ones who will suffer the most in the future.
Everyone with common sense and a bit of a brain size like an ant should either arrest these psychopaths in leader position or high places and if this is not possible, without a choice to follow orders or not, then , at least quit their job and do something good and useful.
I can tell you, My dad had experience with those who followed orders in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union – or in other words, he was just at the wrong time in the wrong place. My family history contains a lot of variety that shows how blindly following orders destroys nations and kills millions of people. If you want that, you will be responsible for that one day.
But scripture says; nothing new under the sun, humans never learn from history, and so, the show will go on and will get worse until Yeshua returns.
Similar with doctors and nurses, who follow a protocol, but that’s another can of worms, I will not open here.

And actually, I also don’t need to be a prophet nor a bible scholar or apostle to know with the little I understand of the bible if these people don’t honestly repent and change drastically of what they do, their own eternity will be a trillion times worse, than how they treat the people (if a trillion is even enough).
If you are one of them, today is your choice to repent.
Once you stand before Yeshua on judgment day, it’s too late and you will not be able to say you haven’t heard or know… now you know that it’s time for you to turn from your evil deeds (if you do such things), and ask Yeshua to be your lord and savior – He alone can save you and no-one else.
The money from government or from whomever you get it will not save you.

However, we actually don’t need political YouTube prophets – or whatever other socialist platform.
Of course, I receive sometimes also words from Yeshua that are somehow political, but usually the context is repentance, pointing out to sin, and occasionally I post them – but I don’t post every fart.
Here and there Yeshua gives me something to share when I am not really excited to spend time to make a video.
Not always easy to be obedient with that – especially in that area, because I like to do much more other things.

The other thing: I am truly wondering if or how many prophets who supposedly are called by God might go personally and stand in front of presidents or globalists, and tell them like Moshe did before Pharaoh, of what the Lord has commanded to do or what to say.
I actually have never seen videos with such a content or heard of – I mean, it might be that it happened somewhere in this big world, because I am not much online, but if you know such a scenario, write about it in the comment section, maybe with a link.
Okay, most of the politricktians might laugh to such voices of prophets, or act like Pharaoh, but then, at least they have been warned.

People may ask why do I myself not go and stand before presidents when I speak in behalf of Yeshua?
Easy, first of all, I have not been called as a prophet and don’t claim to be one. Yes, I give prophetic messages, but not as a called prophet. I consider myself a seer and a voice in the wilderness, crying out for repentance, or a voice that cries to Adonai to send laborers into the harvest.
Okay, if one day Adonai will send me to one of these in high places, He will make it clear to me and make a way how to get there (I don’t have any transportation myself, only walking.
But then I might ask him for a voice like Moshe, an Aharon because speech is not given to me. I can write down the things I want to share and say, and then read it, but to speak freely is just not my gift.

Actually my greatest real prophecy I think is the parody in seven movements, with the words laid down in 2016!
Listen to it and consider what happened since – and those songs were actually not intended to be prophetic, but… they are.
I rather prefer to work in my gifts, Adonai has given me, of construction, renovation, gardening, music and arts, stuff like that.
And yes, the words I put up is even not my idea, I prefer to be under the radar to make people happy with what I do by the gifts given to me.
But whenever the Holy Spirit urges me to say something that is on the heart of the Father in heaven, I will try not to withhold, which sometimes fails – the flesh is just so weak.
The words I receive are actually most times visual and so you may wonder and say this can’t be from God because the wording often lacks of grammar or so.
I have to describe the visions and this all in English which is not my native language, though with my native slang it would possibly not be better.

However prophecy still implies today – I am certain about it.
It’s not taken away.
Acts 2:17 which refers to the Prophet Yoel said that in the last days your sons and daughters will prophesy.
When, if not now, we are talking about the last days?
Yes, throughout history there was often the thoughts that these were are the last days.
But look around ″now″ with open eyes…
How much longer can this madness continue – when many real experts (even non believers) say, if the push into the direction of the elites will not get stopped immediately, humanity will not survive many more years.

Yes, we are called to prophesy – every believer, but not everyone is called to be a prophet (or prophetess).
But anyway, above all prophecy is real pure love as clearly stated in 1. Corinthians 13.
If someone speaks a prophetic message out of anger or wishful thinking or whatever emotional deficit all warning bells should ring in our heads. And if it scares us or removes hope, it’s not much better.
As written, the sign of prophecy is not for unbelievers but for believers 1 Cor. 14:22.
So when unbelievers criticize you, don’t take it personally, they don’t know better – that’s why online prophesying is so controversial, because you don’t know who is listening.
But prophecy shall be edifying for the assembly. And if it does not edify, there might be something in the prophecy that doesn’t belong there, 1 Corinthians 14 speaks lot about it.

1 John 4:1-3 talks about false prophets.
The indication mention there is, that their spirit does not confess that Yeshua HaMashiach came in the flesh, which indicates is not of God.
I find it a bit difficult to distinguish by that alone.
People may not confess this in every video they post, so the only way would be to scroll through all their videos and check it out. But this is in my opinion very exhausting.
I am actually wondering, if the enemy can also simply claim that the Lord has came in the flesh?
I mean just for the purpose to deceive people, thinking he is a godly person or a prophet – for profit? (pshhht)
Yes, some of the stuff is not hard to identify as false prophecy or some people easily identified as false prophets. Though often it is very subtle and we need the Holy Spirit to discern – it’s just not all in plain sight like with the wicked elite and the puppets in high places.
The question is, can we look into the hearts of these so-called prophets if they truly believe what they say, if they are truly real?
Scripture gives also example of correct prophecies from someone with a false spirit in the Book of acts 16:16-18.

Of course it is also difficult to see if a prophecy lines up with scripture. You may say it’s easy if you know the scripture very well.
I say, maybe not…
Sure, if it clearly contradicts scripture then it’s no question to put it away as false, but a lot of things are not so clear and easy to discern, especially if we consider the vast difference between ancient and modern language and also the ancient understanding of all things (like modern things cars, planes, trains, computers, internet and things like that and consider, how biblical prophets described these things.

May you can ask AI about it, if you have, perhaps you will hear that it also claims that Yeshua came in the flesh – I don’t talk to such smart rubbish, I have only technological dinosaurs in my arsenal, but you to check it out, if you like – if so, let me know – would be interesting what AI says about that.
In any case, there is no need to pray for AI because that entity can never repent nor ever get saved.
Waste of time to pray for AI, though likely no-one prays for that anyway, since most pray into politics.

Now the last word of the title here: ″exposed″.
You may wonder what or whom did I expose?
I did not expose anyone by name because first of all Adonai has not given me permission to name names in this message, to reveal certain names , nor it is not given me to see into their hearts so I may pray the Lord will reveal it in His ways – and to you too.
I have been instructed by the Holy Spirit not to listen to certain voices on the different video platforms, which I used to watch sometimes in the past – I don’t watch anyway a lot, just don’t have the time for that as I have many other things to do .

And also, check out for yourself, when a prophet/ prophetess get criticized how does he or she deals with it?
I can tell you, that reveals a lot of the character, regardless of the word given if it’s accurate or tainted with bias… usually if it is a weak person, there is a lot of bias in there.

And, when I hear certain clear things I immediately quit the video.
In the commentaries of course there are not only friends, we know that. Personally I handle it that way, critics I’ll leave, but certain words are simply not permitted on my channels (like cuss words or similar).
I have anyway not many subscribers and views, so I’m happy on that and it’s easy to manage.
On YouTube I anyway realized, something is strange there – I have seen a few of my videos where suddenly the views declined. The number of subscribers surely can get lower, when someone unsubscribe, but how can someone unclick a video? How does that work? That very suspicious.
Shall I say ChewTooth exposed in censoring or perhaps shadow-banning, but this is nothing that surprises me.
Soon enough I will not be surprised when all truth will be banned and removed first from these socialist media platforms and later everywhere from Internet.

The Elites greatest fear is free speech and the work hard to implement worldwide a disinformation and misinformation law to hunt down all truth because they hate truth as their father the devil in him is no truth.
Some laws are already in place, not worldwide, but in certain countries.
This is not prophecy, it’s from their official websites and public speeches from different liars.
The EU top puppet ″Von der Lügen″ for example made it clear in a few sentences that they want to tacle down all free speech.
When this is accomplished, then, there will be no more prophets, but only profits.
That might be the time when the ones who profit currently from their (online presentations), their prophecies whether true or false, can decide to either trust Adonai for provision or run with the system of the beast into destruction.
And those who don’t get censored by then you will know they are false prophets, because the devil will not remove those tho deceive as many as possible.

For me personally it will not change much at all, only I don’t need to hassle with all that online stuff anymore – and more time for the farm with gardening to feed the hungry, if I will ever have one.
I don’t depend for my provision on or through ChewTooth but YHWH alone -Yahwah Jireh.
How he does it don’t know, it is not me to know, where often in my experience it comes at the last minute/ second, which sometimes is not easy to handle. But that’s often His ways.

The book of Revelation exposes the plans of Adonai or reveals the deeds of the wicked, however you word it in English.
However, the day will come when everything and everyone will get exposed in absolute truth, naked and stripped – and no-one can hide from that.
Too late it will be for many – sadly. Hell is a horrible place and it is real, not just fantasy – no-one needs to go there to tell us how it is there and I believe, some have been given a view into hell. But above that, the description in the bible is enough to know it is not a place for humans but only for the devil and his fallen angels (demons).

So, let us work as long there is a little light, because the night comes when no-one can work anymore.
The Master of the harvest surely will find more who will go into the harvest, as the harvest is plentiful. I pray the master of the harvest will find many willing to go and bring in many souls into the kingdom of Elohim.

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