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Message 2023-10e: Halloween and your children

Halloween and your children, Message 2023/10e

A year have passed and again the occult holiday turning Month 10 to 11, or shall I say more accurate: Hell-day?
Only wondering if can I am still permitted to say that or will this be already counted as hatespeech?

I don’t want to make it too long because I covered a lot already the last two years.
The source of that day is deep dark and diabolic and occult, no question on that… but…
Message 2023-10e Halloween and your children


If you walk according to scripture I can only say, stay away from anything related to that feast, really, really everything that is connected to that.
Because if you give the devil a tiny part of one little finger, he grabs your whole hand and then he will pull you completely into his camp, which is, the camp of death with eternal torment.

But more, if you have children, try everything that they don’t get in any form entangled with it.
Okay, I understand, it might be difficult because of school, and friends and socialist media where they all are connected to and so on.
Some might say, then take out your children of the school and do homeschooling.
That might be in any case a cute idea, not only because of that but also generally as schools are mainly indoctrination camps or brainwash institutions and not a place where they learn something useful, yet not everybody has the possibilities to do so and many countries don’t allow homeschooling at all.

So what to do?
Teach them the ways of Elohim and what it means to walk in righteousness and purity.
I know what it means when the parents are ignorant of the commandments and the word of Adonai.
I have not been taught in righteousness and that caused a lot of unnecessary extra effort to get out the mud.
If you teach your children righteousness and they follow it, it might give them here and there some extra laughter or hate from other kids at school, but at the end I think, they might be very grateful thankful for that?
If the eternal well-being of your children is more important than their temporary fleshly joy, then you have to protect them from the grip of the devil – with everything you’re able to do.
Time on earth is but a vapor, a tiny speck in time.

And of course, Halloween is not only a feast with costumes, pumpkins and whatever kind of fruits.
The real thing is the spiritual fruits, the fruits of the flesh that leads at the end to eternal death.
If your child is young and you like to have a rebellious, disobedient teenager, let them do whatever they want.
But don’t complain if you get early gray hairs or have to spend a lot of time dealing with their troubles or teking them out of their troubles in one form or another.

You as a parent are responsible for your children if you like to hear it or not – it’s a God given responsibility.
You can do whatever you want, you have no way out of that.
If you don’t have the holy scripture as a guide book for your life and reject all what is written in there, one day, yes, one day you will realize it was a very bad idea and if you still don’t repent, you may regret it for all eternity.
And if you don’t believe in eternal life and death, don’t blame me and less blame Adonai, the God of the Bible – you have heard enough warnings.

But again I want to point to those who say they are Christians/ believers v.
If you don’t do what the bible say, you will get as much in trouble as if you never knew it.
I don’t say you will not make mistakes or fail here and there, no, but I am speaking about willfully neglecting the bible.

There are very good guidelines how to raise your children and also how to keep them from falling away.
Definitely, pray for them every day and don’t forget to tell them how precious they are in the sight of Yeshua, because He loves them and wants them all to be with Him in all eternity.
Yeshua said let the children come to me and hinder them not.
The absolute worst thing is when their own parents hinder them. Without repentance this will be a heavy millstone around their necks.
Deuteronomy 6:4-7 known as the Smah Israel says
4 “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.
5 Love Adonai your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.
6 These words, which I am commanding you today, are to be on your heart.
7 You are to teach them diligently to your children, and speak of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up.

When this verse speaks about ″these words″, it means literally (as in verse 1) all of Elohim’s commandments, the statutes and ordinances that Adonai your God commanded to teach you to do.

So teach your children to abstain from Halloween as far as possible.
Don’t open the door and if needed lock it on that evening or night.
Just pray for those who are blind and deceived so they will find the messiah.
Okay, I think this is enough for today I hope you get the message what I wanted to say.
And if not, ask the Holy Spirit to give the revelation and understanding according to His wisdom, especially concerning that (hellish) day.

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