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Message 2023/10d Counting of sins

Counting the mountain of sins/ per second

The other day I was working in the garden and most the day my thoughts went about sin.
Do I think about my own sin?
Yes of course, but in that case no, not really but the sin of all people in this world.

Beginning of message:

How much is the amount of all sin of all people of all times?

Message 2023-10c Counting sins


Okay, my math is not the greatest but I can count one plus one simple things where most politicians are not able or willing to count anymore.
However, consider this:

The Father in heaven knows all sins of all people throughout all history.
He knows their names and each sin they committed – surely all according to His righteousness and definition of sin.
This modern world has twisted so much, even in Churchianity the definition have been often turned around or like according to Isaiah 5:20 where it says that good turned to evil and evil to good, – and similar we might also say, sin became righteousness and righteousness became sin.

Now, another approach, if you would know all sins or all people, how many would you be able to record.
Take a pen in your hand and write down the sins.
And make it simple.
Write the first name of the person who sins and then a number related to the 10 commandments from 1 to 10.

For example:
Robert 7
Mike 3
Lisa 9
Tim 5
Mary 9
Brian 8
Emma 7
Jane 1

and so on and on…
This is actually a list during the week – on Shabat the huge amount of entries would be number 4
Even many Christians would be signed in, especially those who think the 4th commandment was chiseled out of the tablets, but I don’t go into detail of each of the sins or else Pandora’s box might be opened.

But the question, how many sins will you be able to write down?
8 billion people in this world – okay the world population might rapidly decline for the joy of the participants and puppets of the wicked evil forum and other servants of the devil.

But let each and every person sin only one time per day, though we know some sin 20 or 50 times a day.

On the list I chose short names – some people have much longer and more complicated names or consider other languages where I would no know how to pronounce and less how to write them.
But neglect this.

Now here comes the math
We have 86,400 seconds per day
to make it easier make it 80,000
In order to write down all sins if my math is correct, you would need to write down 100.000 sins every second.
I thought, is this not insane?

And this goes on nonstop 24/7
And not only this but it goes on since thousands of years.
Okay, not with 8 billion of people, but still… billions over billions since decades.

Actually, when I look around or hear from different sources, and I even the scriptures gives clear evidence that not only the number of the population is growing exponentially but also the amount of sin. Look at the madness these days. It’s just beyond measure.

Matthew 24:12 says Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold.
In Greek the word for cold is used ψύχωd (psycho).
Interesting word, right?
I would say it is not far fetched to connect it to the psychopaths (too many out there already).
And I am not talking about the big psychopaths, but people who harm or kill other people for no reason, just maybe they have a different skin color or the don’t like the nose, or wear the wrong dress, whatsoever.
There are surely thousands if not millions of footages out there that give evidence of it.

Then include the lawless mass genocide in all nations offered you by a certain cocktail – the bible speaks about Sorcery and that word in Greek is Pharmakeia (φαρμακεία).
I guess you all heard of this (Pharmacy) and you only have to connect a few dots, and there we are in the book of revelation.

Hosea long ago wrote in chapter 13 verse 2 But now, they sin more and more.
Over 2500 Years ago; what would he write today?
Poor boy… the prophet who was told to marry a prostitute.
Don’t know what words he would use today if the violence today can be packed in words at all.
Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0 maybe?

However, back to Matthew 24:12, some translate it to iniquity, but I think lawlessness is a better choice which goes to illegality, violation of law or wickedness and unrighteousness.
Unrighteousness according to Gods standards and not to worldly definition.

And knowing most people sin more than once a day I still count only one sin per person per day, not to blow completely my math.
How to count those people who speak one lie after the other, all day long?
Count is as just one 24/7 lie just like their Father the devil in whom is no truth at all.

And even with one sin per person, write 100.000 entries per second, try it – write faster, no, much faster.
If you let this done by a team how many people would you need to write down 8 billion entries per day?
And if you would write down even the details of each sin, how much more would you need?
I think it might be possible already for modern computers to capture all of this.
Well, if they would do that, then the system will be cloaked by capturing sins – and could not do anything else, like surveillance and tracking people for no reason and usher in total control.

However, the fallen ones and the devil know real human history, even everything before the flood.
He has also seem to have all the records of all sins, but apparently his calculation has a big flaw.
Revelation 12:10 says: …for the accuser of our brothers and sisters — the one who accuses them before our God day and night — has been thrown out.

That indicates to me he has some knowledge of the 10 commandments while accusing all faithful ones before the throne.
He don’t need to accuse his servants, because he knows they will follow him to the lake of fire.
How he is able to accuse millions of true believers before the throne I don’t know.
Yes, he knows that we as faithful believers also sin a lot.
Of course I would be a liar to say I do not sin, though I am trying.
However, we can have forgiveness, but the accuser points his finger always towards us and claims it before Yeshua.

I assume the information of our lives comes also from demonic entities who watch us permanently and report it to the devil.
Modern surveillance is meanwhile no different.

But back to the writing down of sins
8 billion sinners in this world and Yeshua knows each one of them, each sin and will remember them all at the judgment day – uh, what a memory.
And I guess some people sin so often each day that they would need one dedicated person just to write it all down.
And honestly I am shaking about the thought to stand before the final judgment.
Joy, yes but also in great fear of YHWH.
I can’t imagine the list of some people who surely have piled up countless of terrible sins alone – how they stand before Him.

Well, the word of Elohim gives us severe warning but also great hope.

Ezekiel 3:20 and 18:24 speaks about the consequences when a righteous person turns again away from his righteousness and act wicked.
Uuuh, this is old testament… yes, it is…
In modern Christian language I would say if a person who was once saved and been forgiven of his sins but then turns his back against God and like a dog return to his vomit will have it even worse than the sinner who never repented.
But it will be the other way around, that their righteous deeds will not remembered.
Even if someone does righteous deeds for 10, 40 or 70 years and then turns away and die, all the good things will be erased and not remembered before the throne anymore.
It definitely speaks about that there is not such a thing as OSAS (once saved, always saved, which is a big lie).
It might be the worst case to the ones Yeshua mention in Matthew 7:23 ″I never knew you, depart from Me you workers of lawlessness″ because He will not remember the good deeds.

But there is good news for those who have not yet repented and asked for forgiveness.

In Isaiah 43:25, Jeremiah 31:33, Ezekiel 33:16, Hebrews 8:12 and 10:17 speaks about that if we turn from our sins and do what is right, according to the commandments of Elohim, then Adonai will forgive and remember our sins no more.

I prefer to write down of those after they have repented and asked for forgiveness – a blank page.

And when the devil comes to accuse, Yeshua will show him that blank page.
All sins washed away by His own blood

The only thing I may have written on that page would be thanksgiving and praise, maybe a short song of the Amazing Grace of Yeshua.

Amazing Grace see Yeshuas face,
the glorious King to come
He takes us home to be with him
Eternal amazing love

my math is at the end of this message and so I pray there will be no more counting of sins in heaven, because there will be no more sin forever, only praise and worship and thanksgiving.

End of Message

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