During the very restricted Covid-19 lockdown in Apr.2020 I did a lot of piano playing, praise, prayer, prophecy and worship.
All of them are actually improvisations.

I recorded more than the one – all of them you can listen below.
Maybe one day (if I have time) I will have time to prep up some more.

The setup were very simple:

Have the piano in the middle, on the left a Behringer Eurolive B208D, used as a floor monitor.
On the right an old Marshall Guitar Cabinet, that also can be used as a monitor.
A SM58 microphone for singing.

Good to have on the Kawai Piano several outputs, Line out for the Speakers…
and XLR out’s straight into the Zoom F8 mobile recorder.
Also the SM50 directly plugged into the Zoom.

For some reason I had not every day the same settings.
That’s why it sounds almost every day a bit different.
At the beginning I had the monitors so loud that gave a lot of crosstalk to the vocals.
So the vocals might be a bit quiet compared to the music.

I’ve tried to tweak it with EQ or so to get more volume and also added a more reverb to the vocals (maybe a little too much) – but there are just limits in the balance between effort and result

Be aware that they are looong
I have more recordings than these four, yet no time to prepare.
But you get a glimpse of the playing during the silly Communist-Nazi-Regime-Lockdown.

1.: 2020/04/12 (Part one)


2.: 2020/04/12 (Part two)


3.: 2020/04/13


4.: 2020/04/15