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Kipa and Torah

ONE Name ONE Truth

Grooving Music with Lyrics about religious traditions in judaism

Title: Kipa and Torah

Full version

A strange live version, which actually belongs to the Banana-Praise (Part 2).
I add it here as well, yet feel free to listen to the Banana Praise as well.

Video, Live version:

It is so funny for me to watch this over and over again.
And it seem to me the Kipa became for so many Jews most important.
If for example one play soccer and his Kipa fall down is more important to pick it up and put it back on the head instead to watch the ball.

Is like this to keep Kipa on the head then also more important then to keep the Torah in the head and in the heart?

I pray and hope for many that they start to keep Torah of Elohim instead to keep the tradition to wear the Kipa

Info: Some write Kipa with two “p” (Kippa), others don’t.
Some write Torah with a (h) at the end, some don’t.
Always silly with hebrew words how to write it with latin letters.

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One Name One Truth


To keep Torah don’t mean you wear a kippa
And to wear a kippa don’t mean you keep the Torah
If keeping Torah gonna make you holy
Then what’s on your head don’t matter to me

What do you think is more important in your life
Tradition or the Torah of Adonai
To wear a kippa or to eat His manna
Memorize phrases or sing His praises
Why do religious say “bla bla bla”
Instead of just keeping the Lord’s Torah

When did traditions of men become Truth
So even the Name YHVH got lost
And the rabbis forbid you to ever say it
Does that matter to Him when you’re really praying

Maybe He would like to hear His Name
But the truth is so twisted you can barely say
What’s right, what’s wrong how to sing His song
Or how to get to Heaven if your faith is strong

The kippa you’re putting on top of your head
Won’t make you holy if you’re walking dead
With a book in your hand both day and night
But you can’t see how God wants to make you right

Cause there is a kippa in your Holy Book
If you open your eyes you might take a look
He can purify take away your sins
His Name is Yeshua just believe in Him