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Kipa and Torah

Banana Praise #2

Kippa and Torah

Banana-Praise Chapter two – live, June 11 , 2016: Song 2: “Kipa and Torah”

Now a song pointing to Judaism.
There is a lot of controversy with the Jews and Judaism, the Torah and their traditions.
Don’ t get me wrong: I love the Jews and have been a lot around in jewish religious and orthodox circles.

So many times they asked me to go for a conversion…
Though I don’t have any documents to be Jewish.
But what, if I am?
Can a Jew convert to become a Jew?
Is this possible?
Nevertheless this is not a topic of this song.

However, don’t know if I shall say it is funny or sad but as I watched it for years from a distant view:
I know the Kipa that is actually only about 800 years old beside tons of other traditions (younger or older).
But it seem to be more important than the Torah which is actually YHWH’s living word.

I could think about hundreds of examples in many different situations.

Actually I don’t have anything against the Kipa itself.
But just so hilarious when it appears that a tradition becomes more important than the Torah of Adonai.

So I thought to pimp up the situation with a nice song that I wrote.

This and the Studio-Version you’ll find in the “One Name One Truth” album


Banana Praise #2