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Go ahead – 2020/10/18

Time to drain the swamp…

this is meant not only political, but also here on the website.
Since I entered the new design, also I want to change a lot of the content.
If you see several pages disappear, don’t worry, they will be back one day.
Currently I process (re-master) all songs and will also include all music I’ve ever been involved – or at least the ones where I have some recordings.
Possibly 99.99% of all music never been recorded.

Maybe there will be a second lockdown this year (here in the EU [Evil Union]).


It appears that the politricktians are commanded by the Pharma Mafia to boost the numbers of Corona-cases to have some (faked) reasons for more draconian Laws.
Rules to oppress all the population AND make sure, the police will enforce it with tyrannical penalties.
For me, personally; with family history who had to deal with German Nazis and Sovjet Communists, all alarm bells are ringing since a couple of months.
Because, from the principle, exactly the same happens at the moment as what happened about 90 years ago when a small group of wicked people want to take over and install a dictatorship.
It sounds all like conspiracy but let time pass and you will see.
If Yeshua will not intervene in a real way, all will end up in a worldwide totalitarian regime very soon.
May the LORD will grant us a bit more time to repent and share the Good News until it will come.

However, away from politricks…
all content on this page will be basically updated little by little – most actually music.
I have until now about 170 songs re-mastered and have guess another 50 to go.
As soon I see the end of the tunnel, I will start uploading.