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Drummerboy, Russia Rumors of War and Armageddon

How does many children start to play drums?
In the kitchen… yet sometimes the cutlery is not really appropriate…

Scripture speaks about rumors of war – and what do we have now?
Russia – Ukraine… (just a fog to cover …..? something else, maybe the sinking Covid Ship)

In my opinion anyway all planned and staged ahead of time by dark powers, by the puppetplayers in the background and of course with the inspiration of the devil and demonic entities.
Presidents and rulers of nations are just simple puppets – and if they don’t agree they will be kicked off like pawns.

If that war will happen or not, possibly depends a lot on the prayers of the righteous.
But one day… Yes, one day…
The battle of Armageddon will definitely come – scripture gives no doubt on that!

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