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Dream 2023/10/21 Russia, Antichrist, Pope, War, dead and alive

Prophetic Dream, given 2023-10-21 4:36am

You may say, okay, it’s just a dream.
Yes, just a dream, but remember, also in scripture are mention some dreams with quiet some significant impacts.
I remember at least one incidence from me and one from another person, where I was in the dream that came to pass exactly as in the dream – which were actually not nice ones at all.

However, as most my dreams contains a lot of metaphors I ask you to seek counsel from the Holy Spirit if you are interested to know if this dream is more than just a night vision.

So I will first describe the dream and then I give a couple of questions, instead an interpretation.
If you receive anything from the Lord, feel free to share it.
Sometimes some people see this, others see that and don’t fight against each other because both can be correct, as dreams and prophecies mostly contain multi layer information.

If it comes to measurements, I use the metric scale – if you don’t know that, there are tools to convert it to your preferred scale.

And as usual I describe dreams in present tense as if it happens right away.
Now here’s the dream:

The subject is war, and I am on both sides.
I don’t know exactly which country the one side I am mainly, but it is against Russia, named as enemy.
It’s not NATO, nor America, nor EU, nor China or whatever, just one unknown side against Russia.
And Me and many others prepare a trench where we will entrench ourselves.
I see in a trench a section where we just fill with bundles of straw at the sides.
But the main battle is a big area, where in the middle of that place is an open space like a huge circle of about half a kilometer. It’s mainly flat and roughly covered with dirt and grass.
One half of it contains all the trenches, one next to each after, or more like one trench around half of the circle, which is prepared for the soldiers who will go against Russia. And I am at one of those trenches, but I also go at the same time around in the open field (into different sections of the circle).
If this circle has some corners or is perfectly round or slightly oval I can’t say for sure because it’s just too big to tell.
To prepare, there are in the middle of the open space, a bit more towards our half, shelves with bread.
The shelves are like in a bakery, yet not mounted on a wall, but free standing (maybe with wheels underneath to push them around) and made out of chrome with vertical poles and about 5-6 stacks of shelves.
And on each shelf are maybe 6-7 loaves of bread.
The bread itself is all the same type but looks very good.
Each bread is round maybe 25-30cm diameter and 12-14 cm high, sprinkled with sesame-seed, crispy brown like a Challah – or as a Bulla as we used to say it in Swedish that I bake occasionally.
On another place is a very interesting bread cutter, where someone press a bread through some sort of a bread cutter, that is mounted in a wall, and on the other side of the wall he receives 2 loaves of bread (not sliced) – it appears to me a multiplication bread cutter.
That’s towards the right side, looking from my position by the trenches.
That bread is maybe 30-35cm long and more the block-style like the toast bread, yet not such a fluffy chemical white bread but a real good tasty bread, possibly full grain.

Technically I would describe it, the knife slice the long way through the bread and produce two complete loaves of bread, same size and type you put in.
I see one person push two or three loaves through the cutter (manually) and receives 4 or 6 loaves, and then I move on and look around other things.
This is as much as I understand something like for the provision of the soldiers in the trenches.
There are also loads of other groceries here, plenty of food, very lush.
I am only wondering why it doesn’t get distributed but remains to sit in the open space.

Then the time arrives when everyone is asked to go into the trenches.
The trench where I am in, is different to all others.
It contains basically 2 containers (such things like these 60ft shipping container), where one side of them is open and both are attached or mounted on their end side together.
They are mounted about half way beneath into the soil and 50% above.
Maybe 1,5 meters below and 1,5 meters above the ground, so when you stand in these containers, only the head looks out above the ground.
The open section face towards the circle where the war will go on at one point in time, or to the enemy is expected to come in.
In the lower part of the containers there are a couple of ventilation openings and also some emergency exits or these ventilation openings are the exits, just in case the plan fails.
I have something to eat and possibly other people as well, but the round bread and the other food remains standing near the center of the circle visible for everyone.
It is night, very dark, but somehow I can see that the enemy arrives in that area (into the second half of the circle).
These are hundreds or even thousands of soldiers, hard to count.
From my sight they enter the area from the left, walking towards the right.
They are not so easy to see or recognize, like shadowy, silhouette or so, but still clear enough to see.
They wear the typical military dresses, green, grayish or sprinkled/ spotted whatever the right term…
The container I am located is the only container and maybe something like a headquarter or focal point. These are in a blue color (darker typical shipping container tone).
The container is not exactly in the middle of our half but more towards the right side – (maybe 20°).
The rest of the half circle are just simple trenches without ″luxury″ like straw, ventilation and emergency exits or a roof.
I am now in that trench in the container, watching of what is going on.
The soldiers of the enemy are now largely gathered already at the opposite side of the circle.
They are still more walking in from the right side towards the left.
And then there is one person, a man who looks like the pope, at least from his clothing. He is the only one who is wearing white clothes, all others in typical military uniforms.
I can’t see his face, but I see he has a staff and he stands not far away from the containers, guess it’s even less than 10 meters.
The staff is natural wood, about 1,8-2 meters long and the diameter of perhaps 3-4cm, very comfortable to hold.
The man in white (pope) is the speaker or representative of the enemies army.
I can’t remember his words, but he is pounding with his staff on the ground (looked to me dirt soil with a bit trampled down green grass between).
He speaks about 5 minutes while permanently pounding the staff on the ground and then turns the wording into the direction that he declared himself as god.
As soon as he finished the speech and don’t hammer the staff anymore down the soil, all the soldiers come towards him into the middle/ center of the circle.
And this is the moment when all those (soldiers) in the trenches at once opened the fire.
The shooting lasts for about one or two minutes or even a bit less than a minute.
The guns they use are not machine guns, but such whatever automatic stuff, where they can just pull the trigger, one after the other.
Extremely noisy and a lot of smoke.
And then there is silence for a while until the dust settles and no movement at all.

I myself are on both sides.
What I can see on the ground, as everything has cleared up, are not soldiers but slips of paper that looks like receipts of a supermarket or so.
And the receipts with the dead have red paint around and holes from the bullets (one or more).
I pick up my receipt yet I have two that belong to me.
And with those I go back into the container and show them to the people that are there, basically on my side.
The bullets actually only hit the enemies – of course, because no-one else was there in the open field.
Then I take that receipt and the other one because I am on both sides.
Interesting that the one receipt, where I am on the side of the living is like from the Superhome center (Cyprus DIY market).
It is not a very long receipt, maybe like one where you would buy maybe 2 items.
I can’t see all details but I can clearly see the signature of the Superhome Center.
The other receipt is about the same size, but I can’t see what’s written, and it contains the red paint around and some holes.

I go down into the container and say to the people:
I show them the receipt by saying: ″look here, I am alive – and then I show them the other receipt and say: ″And I was dead″.
The people look skeptical, not believing.
And then I pick up my uniform, which looks very strange, like a anodized (brass-bronze color) metal cube the size 10cm length like of 5 or 6mm steel, and it had holes (from the bullets).
And as well I show them the other receipt with the red corners, representing death.
I talk with them actually in English (not my native language) and say: ″I was dead and I’m alive″.
And I use that to point to the one who was dead and yet he is alive.
He is the one who died for our sins, he was dead yet He is alive.
Some of the people there realize and understand of what I am talking and others don’t.
But this example, that I neither stand on one side nor on the other side, shows basically that I am neutral.
After the shooting the bread and food in the middle of the circle disappeared – though I could not see that anyone has taken it.
It was claimed as an overwhelming success because not one of the enemies survived, but yet me as a virtual enemy survived. One half of myself survived, the other died.

Drawing of the circle (click on image to open the full size in a new window):Prophetic Dream 2023-10-21 War AC dead and alive: circle

Anodized metal, here as a bracket, in the dream it’s a cube, but roughly it’s the similar coloranodized bracket

End of Dream, Beginning of questions for interpretation:
now before interpretation, keep in mind, a dream can play in different time zones at the same moment.

Now we have two armies where one are Russia.
So, I think Russia might be only metaphorical because the other group is not specified at all.
Russia might be symbolic for the army where the propaganda machinery will define as the enemy for the last big battle – or a reflection of even something in the spiritual realm.

Why the great bread with all the tons of other food are not being touched I don’t know.
But the bread that got multiplied for the soldiers in the trenches could lead to a conclusion of a supernatural provision.

Why there is only one of this double container on that side and the rest only normal trenches is hard to say, maybe not to cause too much attention.

It’s dark, very dark, reminded me of these days today as the world sinks down into deep darkness (insanity, madness and… Sodom and Gomorrah)
As I am able to see everything it refers rather to a spiritual darkness.

I think the man in a dress like the pope, very likely might not be the pope because I don’t see the pope as the Antichrist (maybe rather the false prophet) because I was not given to see his face nor skin color is one of the most significant moments.
Especially as he declared himself as god leads me to the conclusion this could be the the beast or Antichrist.
And wearing also a white robe might not be far fetched when declaring himself as god.
And a staff is biblical speaking a symbol of authority where it says that authority will be given to him (for a short time).
The way or style he was pounding at the ground appears to me he might be very impatient.
Where I assume the devil is also extremely impatient to kill steal and destroy, to lie and deceive, which he already does more and more – as there are already many Antichrists in this world.

I think there is also a reason, something symbolical why he came close to the container and not to the center of the area, which would actually more sense when someone metaphorical speaking would put himself into the center of everything, but whatever the containers symbolize, that might be the reason for his off-center position.
But the container is the only place to escape (Israel?).
And the color blue has also a meaning…

But the end of his speech and stop pounding his staff and when he declared himself as god was the moment for the Russians to come near the center, which is very interesting. As like this is the moment of invocation or a call to gather, maybe the UN army or whatever.

A minute of war is surely not literal, except maybe for the battle of Armageddon when the Lord will come with the righteous faithful ones and defeat the enemy in no time.
But then the silence after the shooting for a while reminded me also about the opening of the seventh seal when there will be silence for about half an hour.
That would give it rather a spiritual meaning.

The strange part are the receipts on the ground instead people.
No bodies on the ground and even the ″pope″ disappeared.
Receipts you get when you buy something and paid for it.
But here metaphorically speaking, soldiers pay usually with their lives – that’s how I understand it.
Except the generals and coward leaders today who hide in their bunkers, just giving orders to the cannon fodder to get eaten.

The more it gets weird as I am on both sides and having a receipt from the Superhome center, where I often bought the bits and pieces when I had to built or renovate something, which was in Paphos. Interesting that I could clearly see that.
More wondering as this is from the living side while I know, I will not go there anymore, since I am now 1000 miles (nm) away and possibly will move soon further away.

The other receipt with the red corners or painting around I could not specifically identify.
I can’t explain how a small anodized metal cube can be my uniform.
How can anyone fit into this tiny thing – so that needs more a spiritual interpretation.
Or maybe like when Nethanel asked Yeshua how someone can be born again, how can a man enter again into the mothers womb. Yet there in that uniform I died…
While other has a regular uniform, I have just a little cube, which even for protection is not very useful.
Even for protection such a small thing would not be very useful, and bullets even penetrated anyway through or into it.

I think the only thing in the dream that are simple is the fact that I am neutral, or like Romans 2:11 says for there is no partiality with Adonai where the Greek use the word Prosopolepsia (προσωποληψία).
Not sure if I pronounce it correctly, but never mind…

I don’t understand how I can be on both sides at the same time – though this is possible in dreams.
Yet here the one side with the Antichrist and the other side at the same time.
The only answer would give the sentence where I say: ″I was dead and I am alive″.
Because I was dead is past tense and I am alive is present.
I was in the world yet I am now alive, which I used to refer to the Lord Yeshua who died for us while were were still sinners, so that we can become alive with Him.

Maybe there is more in the dream but the end with the simple gospel of Yeshua might be the center of the message and all other things were more just decoration – though I think there is more into it.

But wow, that was long now,
If you have listened to the end, you can pray if the Holy Spirit reveals something to you, and if so, feel free to share.
Yes, we might see soon the Antichrist arrive on stage though there are already many Antichrists in this world.
But be vigilant not to be deceived and remember Yeshua died for us that we can live – and more, we can live with Him and be with Him forever and ever.
Maybe sooner than we think.

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