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Dream 2022-11-08 Faith beyond natural circumstances

Prophetic Dream, given 2022-11-08

I have forgotten to write down the day, but it might have been on the 8th. (I simply chose that date)
If you doubt that this dream is prophetic, ask the Holy Spirit with a honest humble heart and without prejudice and He will tell you.
Scripture gives a lot of examples that Adonai speaks to ordinary people in dreams.

The thumbnail image shows approximately how steep the hill was.
It does not show the beginning and the end of the mountain.
The height of 100 meters (300 feet) is my guess, as I was calculating 8-10 times the length of such a full size bus (usually about 12 meters).
Yes, it’s not as high like the grand canyon but high enough for life threatening danger if you drop down at free fall.
The only difference is, that in the dream the hill was more covered with soil instead of mostly rocky as shown in the image (could not find anything more suitable).

Beginning of Dream:
I am in a blue bus, regular size, those with about 50 seats, the type of a more comfortable intercity long distance bus, not a city bus.
The bus heads out of a town or city along different roads.
From a normal paved road it turns into gravel, and finally dirt.
In western countries we would say a farm track, yet it is a regular road.

However the road gets more and more difficult yet the driver is really very good how he manage to drive along with his big bus even over some wet and slippery portions.
But finally there is a red pole in the middle of the road.
It looks like a typical road barrier, where the boom get up and down, but instead on the side of the road it is just in the middle.

The road goes along the hillside
To the left of the barrier it goes up and there is not enough space to pass.
On the right it goes down and also not really enough space, yet the bus driver is trying, if he might be able to pass it somehow without damaging the bus on the road barrier.

But unfortunately the bus slips down the slope and hangs very much sideways.
So much, that far that he can’t move either forward nor back.
Now the bus slowly start sliding down the hill.
The driver get very, very angry, saying that he will never again use alternative roads, just to safe distance and time.
Meanwhile the bus slides more and more down the hill. Slowly but continuously.

I only hope the bus will not drop down the hill facing the front of the bus but (maybe by a miracle) turn around and fall backwards.
By that I hope by that, we can somehow survive, when we can remain sitting and got basically pressed with our back into the seats – and don’t fly to the front, because I am sitting mostly in the front of the bus.
The angle of the hillside is almost 90°.
And yes, somehow by a miracle I would say, the bus turns around that the back of the bus face down while slowly sliding down. The bus is already in a 75° angle and still not slipping down the hill.

Then I stand up near the drivers seat and stand on the back of the seat.
There I lift up my hands (my right hand or both) and proclaim that nothing will happen, even no damage on the bus itself.
The hill itself is about 60 to 100 meters high (almost vertical).

In the natural the bus would just drop at such a steep hill, more or less at free fall, like from a bridge.
But here in the dream by prayer and faith the bus slides little by little down to the bottom of the hill.
It is like the bus is somehow glued on the hill or sticks like a magnet, step by step – as I would describe.
At the end there is a slight curve on the hill, so the bus can slide along and end up on a different section, wherever this is and leads to.
So, nothing was damaged on the bus, nobody harmed, though I don’t know if or how many passengers are in the bus.

End of dream

I look forward to reach that level of faith to overcome nature in dangerous situations and even in any situation.

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