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Dream 2022-01-22 Unity Division and Romans

Prophetic Dream January the 22nd 2022 (Time is not clear, maybe 2:00am)

I actually can’t remember most of the dream but that day at afternoon, one section of the dream were constantly stirring in my mind.
So I thought Adonai want me to write it down.

Let the Holy Spirit give you deeper understanding and wisdom how to deal with the dream.

Now, roughly into the dream, that tiny piece of it, which was very vivid.

So, in the dream I am addressing a certain pastor where in the dream I understood it is not specifically about him but he represents just all the different types of church people.
I point to the unity of those who believe in the bible/ scripture, whether they label themselves as Christians, Messianic, Saints, Talmidim or whatever.
The focus is to all who (should) represent the body of the Messiah.

Now with the current state (in terms of unity), there is absolutely no hope.
There is no hope they will achieve anything significant nor that it is even able to survive long term, not to mention the growth in quality and quantity of the body itself.
So one big issue over teachings is the big difference between (so to say) the Torah observant believers and the ones who believe in the ″done-away of the old or what they say the law″.
The differences we see also in result of so many different denominations (thousands?)
and different directions of faith which is simply irreconcilable.
Now I mention in the dream to the pastor specifically the letter of Paul to the Romans (guess I mention also another letter but that I can’t remember which one, but Romans I definitely had in the dream crystal clear).

However, the point that I address is the lack of unity.
And of course the differences in the understanding and interpretation of Paul’s letters that’s the big cause to trigger this.
And the division because of theological differences of scripture cause even all the hopelessness.
And (above all that) the devil laughs about it.
And if you (the pastor/ believers) would cast off all the silly stubborn mindset and come together in unity it will make the enemy, the devil afraid and tremble.

So far the dream.

There if very likely not a lot of subconscious influence for such a dream.
And actually I was not much praying into unity, and surely don’t join into theological discussions about doctrines. (My focus is salvation, the coming BIG harvest).

In the video I have some personal information and some own opinions with a bit of a side track…

Pray for unity !

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