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Dream 2001-08-24 Endtime and rapture Part 2 of 3

Dream 2001-08-24 Endtime and rapture Part 2 of 3

Part two of three old dreams that speaks about the end time and the hint of the rapture.
This part is from 2001-08-24 at 1:24am

My wording how I describe the dream may not be so easy to understand, but if you go slowly through the dream for yourself and may understand the scenes.

In the dream it speaks about a digital camera, yet 2001 digital cameras were just in its infancy somewhere 2 or 3 megapixel as I roughly remember.
And they were really expensive and the memory cards never enough storage.

As dreams can have multiple interpretations, ask the Holy Spirit for deeper insight and revelation and what he may want to tell you.

Whether you name it harpazo, raptura, snatching away or whatever…
I use the common term rapture and don’t discuss about theology on that.
Let the dreams speak for themselves – in 2001 I had not much an understanding about that subject.

Beginning of Dream:

It is a journey through the end time creation – just the few things I remember.

One thing is that there are small groups together, yet constantly changing of people.
Also the environment always alters.
Partially these people got persecuted and other times it is more calm.
It is like I am moving from one to the other regions (or scenes).
How much time is in between the persecution and calm seasons I don’t know.
Could be days, weeks or even years /(decades).

Often if not always there are two parties fight against each other.
Or in other words it is a dictatorship against small partisans/ patriots/ opposition or whatever they can be defined, and as they act in secret.
The things spread by the dictatorships are basically ideologies of the government.

As it moves further into the end, (the end times so to say) the battle becomes more open and visible.
There is this scene it shows basically two separated worlds.

And then, there is an area that is getting closed up with metal gates and guards standing there in front.
I go to one of these guards and explain to him: Though you might close that gate, but it can be broken up any time.
And further in the scene it gets more and more complicated, where at the end only a small group remains.
Could not remember the details on in what form complicated means.

But then, there is a very interesting weapon.
Me and other peoples have this weapon.
It looks like an ordinary digital camera but with crosshairs in the viewfinder.
With that camera it is possible that you can focus on someone and whatever your thoughts want to achieve, it will be transferred to the camera, and then by releasing of the trigger activated.
Whether someone you want to kill someone else – basically anything is possible, like to make someone blind or deaf, let him burn or whatever.
The camera/ weapon will simply do (anything) what your thoughts are (the camera is technically somehow connected to the thoughts of the one who use this weapon).

I try to use the best possible tactic, to figure out how to enter through a time-gate.
Now I see how some people shooting around and kill other people, back and forth like in the manner of ″the survival of the fittest″.

I use my camera to focus on people who just lift up their camera, and then I shoot them in the arm or elbow, so that they are not able to shoot around in insanity.
By this I set up the camera with my thoughts exactly on the strength that they can’t use the camera anymore but not to harm them in another way or any further.
Then I quickly go to them and grab their cameras.
So one by one I collect more and more cameras.
As much as I think at one point I have all cameras together.
And then I dissolve all cameras in an act of faith into nothing.

Then there is a big time shift.
I am not sure if I activate faith or do something else.
It’s a very exhausting task, also then I recognize something like a small sink, that looks like a small underground crossing (like a tunnel or so) – and how the air got tighten and the atmosphere compressed at that place.

Then I call upon all the people to join and keep on going until we get it done.
This is to dig out a hole (out of air) with a bulldozer and the soil that is dug out disappears.
And then, a new era is here.
As soon the bottom turning point is conquered, which is seen by the bulldozer, and the pressure does not increase anymore but slowly decline.
And from that point in time things will start to become easier.

It is like a wave where the water at the end will die down (to the shore) and then a new era/ season begins.
As this is done I am very much exhausted on the floor yet with a feeling of release inside.
Yet on the other side there is something like a portion of fear of YHWH as I led the world into a new era, though I never felt like I can do something like this.
So I am weeping at the floor as I had this great privilege to ordain and accomplish it.
(Surely not out of my own strength, but I had the great privilege to do that).

End of Dream:

If you have not listened to part one, I will encourage to do so.

Interpretation is up to you
Some of my thoughts about it again you’ll find in the video – links below.

Note: Also here I don’t add any scripture verses in these dreams – you can look up for yourself or ask the Holy Spirit to give it to you.

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