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Corona Covid 19 Angel of Death Dream

I had this message on the frontpage for a couple of months, and now by July 31st. I moved it over to the prophetic words. Enough of Covid 19 though it might never come to an end until they come up with a so-called mandatory vaccine, supposed to protect and cure, but that will only kill millions or even billions, to reduce the population of the “Platos”. Also to control all people and change their DNA (possibly Yeshua will not allow that to happen on a worldwide scale).

Enough the info-intro, here’s the word:


This day, first day of Spring…beginning of Sabbath, word from God to the world in this crisis: “STOP!” [PSALM 46:10] There is a nice rhyme that says: “All wheels stand still if this is God’s will!” …here we have it! As usual when it comes to updating the website I am always very much behind, even with this message now… but better late than never! Whatever was the origin of Corona virus, God gave permission for it to spread and have an impact on virtually the entire world in some way and form. Why has He said, “Stop!”? Anyone with their eyes open can see how everything in this world has been spinning faster and faster. I won’t go into details about the monetary system, stock markets, profiteering, modern slavery, where employees are squeezed like oranges to work harder and faster etc. And the Church, running wild to help at every point as much as they can – there is so much need in this world it’s hard to know where to start and how to manage everything. Christians are busy with all kinds of stuff in their “Martha-mindset”. And Yeshua (God) sits on His throne perhaps in a way lonely and grieved about the sins of mankind; with only a few Miryams (Marys) sitting at his feet and sharing tears of loneliness and sorrow with the Lord. I recently heard from someone who has a deep worldwide perspective on the “Christian prophetic community”, through his connections. He mentioned that many prophets have said this Corona-virus-crisis will disappear as quickly as it came, within a few weeks, and everything will return to relative “normality”. Though I agree somehow with that word…although wondering just what “relative” normal might look like, my question is, can the world really return to things as before, and if so, is that a good thing? Will Yeshua from now on have more fellowship than before, or will all the people go back to the same routine as when there was no Coronavirus pandemic? Now, public gatherings have been banned in most countries. So people are encouraged to stay in touch via Facebook and other socialist networks. I don’t participate in social network platforms and cannot say how much this happens. But since I have a very small income from Internet work, I definitely know that the Internet is currently under a lot of stress. The speed during the day is sometimes as slow as it was in the times of ISDN. So it’s safe to assume that multitudes of people are chatting, and visiting on VOIP calls, possibly for hours with each other even more than ever before. I’ve also heard about plans for “parties” in churches when they return from isolation and are able to meet again in the same room. Beside the important word “STOP!” I also received the word from 2 Chr. 7:14…. where it says if the people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray… The last words in this verse sound so amazing and promising that most people possibly forget that the blessing of a healed land is simply the result of obedience in seeking HIM. The emphasis in this verse which I received, was on the first portion; i.e. to humble ourselves and seek, every day, true intimate relationship, and that, even without expecting anything, but simply desiring His fellowship, for its own sake, simply because of who He is. Now something else about the current situation: I had a vivid dream several months ago, which was quite surreal and obviously symbolic. No one to whom I sent it provided much insight into the meaning. But I see now that this dream seems to have had a possible prophetic message, describing what has begun to develop before our eyes. Time will tell whether certain other aspects in my dream will materialize, but one possible interpretation may be that “Corona” could have less to do with a virus, but more, with an “Angel of Death”. Consider that we are currently in the 400th year from the beginning of slavery in America – and although slavery has officially ended, many of its effects continue, and in another sense one could say we are all still “indemnified” by the financial world system. What I’m suggesting is a prophetic parallel to the 400 years of Israel’s slavery in Egypt. Now we are approaching the Biblical feast of Pesach/ Passover. (Not the same as the pagan bunny feast!!) The Israelites were required to sprinkle blood on the doorposts to protect their families from the Angel of Death. Since that time Jews celebrate these historic events, remembering how that YHWH (the God of Avraham, Izchak and Yaacov) delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt with a mighty hand and outstretched arm. Now we know that it was the blood on the doorposts that saved the ancient Israelites from being smitten by the Angel of Death. And we know that it was the blood of the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world and saved us from our slavery to sin in the “Egypt” of this world system, even though we still must live in it. Yes, we still live in the context of that system, but many still act as slaves and even cooperate with the modern “Egyptians”; often running around like them, ourselves, forgetting the true God and even worshipping the gods of their world. Can it be that our God has said “STOP!” to this vain activity and idolatry? That Corona is a providence of warning and a call to return to intimacy? And consider, if this season of Corona may be parallel to the time just before the Exodus; if this time in history may be compared to the imminent judgment of the gods of “Egypt”; and we may be figuratively and even actually forced to sit in our houses as the Angel of Death moves through the Land. If so, then what must we do, but focus intently upon the Lord, His salvation, His blood, and His imminent deliverance, and the judgment of this world system which is so very near. God’s times and seasons do not change; His calendar is perfect and true. The season of Corona and the season of Passover just happen to be coinciding. There are no accidents in God’s time. If we are sitting in our homes in this season before the remembrance of Israel’s deliverance, then we must be called to remember our own deliverance, and the purpose for which it was accomplished by Messiah Yeshua. We must realize that He is graciously calling us out of this world system with its idols and preoccupations, and reminding us of Himself, who He is, what He desires, and what He hates. I will be celebrating this Passover with a prophetic act, placing His blood, as wine, on my doorposts. And I will be drawing near to Him, and away from my own participation in the “gods of Egypt”. But I am concerned for all of us that if and when the “Angel of Death” may pass, (as the modern prophets predict), taking many with him, that we may quickly forget and dive back into the “Egyptian” world, and like the Israelites, even shortly after their deliverance, have an orgy around a golden calf. God help us not to… …Since His deep desire has not changed, His one necessary thing still applies, as Miryam knew so well. Martha was rebuked for her anxiety and incessant activity, and the Lord was in fact, inviting her to something much better. So does He invite us, even as He has providentially removed our idols, for the time being….