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Bo Adonai

Toda Adonai

Piano Improvisation with singing.

Another Hebrew word: BO Adonai
Bo is Hebrew means “come”. COME LORD!
And honestly I cannot cry often enough that He will come and clean up this madness.
Yes, one day He will come (probably sooner than we think).

Revelation 22:17 speaks about, when the Spirit and the bride will say “come”
I am waiting for that to happen.
Revelation 22 is the last chapter in the bible – and I’m crying out and looking forward to see that chapter in real life fulfilled.
When all books will be closed and the righteous people will be with Him forever in HIS kingdom where there will be no more pain and suffering.

Title: Bo Adonai

This Album is actually not available on Pond5 (Many of the Songs of “Toda Adonai” are anyway longer than 10 minutes -and that’s the limit there) But feel free to look at other Music there: the link goes to all Music from Bindernowski

Toda Adonai