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Numbers 6:24-26; BaMidbar בםדבר: כד,כה,כו

Banana Praise #2

Banana-Praise Chapter two – live, June 11 , 2016: Song 17:

Numbers 6:24-26″ BaMidbar בםדבר: כד,כה,כו

(The Aharonic Blessing)

This is the closing of the Banana-Praise’s with the Aharonic Blessings in Hebrew Language

Similar to the first part of Banana-Praise I use the same song that I created with those words to close the concert.
As some of the audience already learned it somehow I didn’t took much time to learn it with them or explain a lot.

For this blessing in Hebrew you need to learn only 15 words.

And whenever you speak this blessing; speak it in faith and don’t forget to bless our neighbor with it.

Very likely this second chapter might be the last Banana-Praise concert.
We don’t know how the world will shift.
Currently live events have been killed anyway – and who knows if and when it will be back.

Studio work will still continue
Sadly I love more playing live.

Time will tell

Banana Praise #2