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Asleep in the Light

Banana Praise #2

Banana-Praise Chapter two – live, June 11 , 2016: Song 5: “Asleep in the light” (Cover of Keith Green)

I believe we are very close before the biggest harvest the greatest worldwide revival that ever happened in history before the final and glorious day of the Master Yeshua will come.

But it looks like there is a little bit of a difficulty.

There are so many people out on the streets like such on drugs, desperation, loneliness, or many other things and as well so-called “normal” people.

There are other people who have the answers how to help and show these people how to find the way to eternal life in heaven.
But most of them seem to be glued on their church seats.

Who will invite the people out on the streets to come and have part in the final wedding feast?

This Song is by Keith Green yet due to my limitation of playing piano surely different than his version

Banana Praise #2