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2013/11/14 – What is the truth; Be Ready for Yeshua is coming quickly; Changes will come.

Baruch HaBa B’Shem ישוע) יהוה)
Blessed is he who come’s in the Name of  YHWH (Yeshua),

ברוך הו דאתא בשמה דמריא
Matt. 21:9, 23:39 (Aramaic)

ברוך הבא בשם יהוה
Psalm 118:26 (Hebrew)

Prophetic Word 2013 November 14

What is the truth; Be Ready for Yeshua is coming quickly; Changes will come.

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken, but they are included for better understanding or personal comment/ info…

What is the difference between black and white?
Have you ever heard a proper explanation?

About good and evil you hear every day.
Watch the movies or even the daily news, how much speaks  about good and evil)

But does all of this tell the truth?
You know the truth… not many people do truly know the truth.

The one say’s this, the other say’s that (which can be partly good) but who knows what is correct?
I tell you that not many (people) can tell you a lot about truth – just a tiny little bit (they speak) of who I am because I am the living truth.

Have you ever seen Me in the fullness of My Glory?
 because it is impossible for man to see Me in all My Glory.
My light shines so bright that you would burst into pieces if I would show you My (complete) Glorious Light.

But the day is not far away when all people of this world will see Me and My Light and Glory.

The world will tremble but then there will be (also) dancing for the ones who love me with all of their heart.
The ones that are left behind will dance as well but it will be a dance of fears and tears.

The world is running crazy but don’t worry, I have a way that will lead into rejoicing for the ones who keep My commandment(s).

A dream will come true, a dream that you never dreamed before.
A dream that I have placed deep in your heart, a dream that you don’t know yet.

The only thing you need to do is to trust and believe that I will fulfill it.
You cannot force it in any way.

Wait just a little while/time and you will see how
My hand will move people and prepare the way.

Be (stay) humble and wait for my coming.

There is nothing in this world that can stop me from pouring out My Holy Spirit upon all flesh.
But it will also not be a wasteful outpouring because I know what is in every person’s heart.

Even people who will receive My Outpouring will not continue to walk with me (after a while) because they do not obey My Word/Voice.

Shortly after that they will blame me more than ever before because they do not get what they want and because of a unfaithful heart their own desires are more important to them than to love and obey me.
They think they know better, what is best for their lives than me.

I am coming l am coming, be ready.
Be ready Now and don’t think you can push it to the last minute.

I will come so quickly and unexpected that there will be no time to prepare even when you would see me coming with your eyes.
A twinkle of an eye is not enough time to prepare but My Coming will be much faster.

Stay awake for war is coming.
War against My beloved and My bride.
But do not be afraid of the enemy, this is the time now that I will fight for you.

Just hang on (cling to) me and do not forget what I have done and of who I am.

Winter, summer all seasons are changing and soon no one will be able to predict anymore.

I have set times and seasons but the seasons and the time will change so fast (in future) that man will know of how little they are in control over the creation and their own lives.
I will let them know who is really in control !

In the middle of this word the Lord mentioned “a dream that will come true”
It sounded first a bit personal but in context I felt the Holy Spirit is saying.
Something bigger is coming that will touch many peoples lives.
And for us is just believe and trust in Him as He will perform it!

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit for more insight!