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2013/10/26 – The blindness of rabbinical teachings and traditions

Prophetic Word  from Yeshua, given 2013 Oct. 26

It’s about the blindness of rabbinical teachings and traditions.

…given in the Beyt Knesset (Synagogue) where Yeshua showed me something.

INFO: Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken,
but they are included for better understanding

!!! Please do not misunderstand this word:
Not all teachings and traditions are bad or wrong.
But there is something…..
where Yeshua wants to point His finger.

All the teaching’s (from man) makes the Jews blind for the real truth and grace of Elohim.
They pray and pray and pray, but they are not allowed to break out of the box (to see and hear).
So many restrictions that I never intended to put on your shoulders.

My Torah is easy and light
 and it is not only written for you, the Jewish people, but for all the sons and daughters of Elohim.
You call yourself Jews but I have never made any difference in My Grace and Mercy for those who keep My Word to receive My Blessings.

As long you are blind you cannot see what I want you to do.
Until I will lift off the veil, you will not be able to see who I am.
(But) The day will come when I will unveil My Glory to you. 

Until that (coming) day you will be running around in blindness trying to please me with your actions in the buildings where you are running into every Shabat (also like on other days).

I cannot stand it any longer, to see these things.
Why are you not running out of this system, spread your wings and fly like an eagle, watching the scene from another perspective, from another point of view?

I have promised you that I will be with you but you think you know better where/how to go.

The eagle cannot fly unless I have taught him how to fly.
If a snake teaches him (the eagle) to fly he will never make it, because before he will be able to fly, he will have been eaten
by the snake, who will leave him without wings.
And then, when the eagle is grown the snake is laughing and whenever it is pleasant for the snake he will eat you (him) up.
Yes and this happened throughout history many times.

You left your children alone giving them to this world and teach them man made traditions and philosophical doctrines, things that I have not spoken nor desired for you.

When do you listen and come (back) to Me.
I am your teacher and I have a deep desire to let you know what I have spoken.
I want to show you things that you cannot see in your blindness.

Come and don’t be afraid of My Glory as you were afraid of the Glory that rested on my servant Moshe when he came down to you from My Presence (from the mountain).
You say that was a unique one time thing.
I tell you this is not true.

Many times in history I have poured out My Glory over simple people.
One you have stoned, not (only) because of his words he spoke to you but more because he shone (in the same way) like Moshe.

You were blind, you are (still) blind but the day is very close when I will remove the blindness from your eyes.

You will see men and women who will shine in My Glory, not because they are running into churches or synagogues or any (other) kind of institutions but because they love me with all of their hearts, keeping My Word and obeying My Voice.

You will cry out “superstition superstition” but they will keep My Word and that’s why My Glory will remain resting on them.

Then there will be wolves coming between My Sheep.
They will shine like the others (my sheep), but they will not have My Truth in them.
They will deceive you and lead you astray (if you will listen to them).

Over and over I have warned you through my friends and servants, my prophets.
Over and over you have read My Torah. 

If you do not listen to Me and to them, how will you be able to escape from prison and persecution?

But if you do what I commanded you to do and obey My Voice that I have given you through Moshe and My Prophets
I promise you today that I will take away your blindness in the way I will take away your enemies from your midst.

I will keep you safe under the shelter of My Wings and protect you from the coming tribulation and let you see My Glory.

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He will reveal you
This word and what HE wants to say in what He gave to me.

If you are not a jew don’t think this word may not be relevant for you…
To keep the word of Elohim and obey Yeshua is more crucial than you may think!