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2013/01/19 – ישוע (Yeshua) is coming back – be ready Healing, Miracles and Restoration

Prophetic Word given 2013 Jan.19 9:30pm

ישוע (Yeshua) is coming back – be ready
Healing, Miracles and Restoration

Part in the Prophecy are words Yeshua spoke personally to me.
Those I removed of the Message to avoid distraction

…pray and ask the Holy Spirit that He speaks to you His Word
to know His Heart and His perfect Will
and to give full understanding of this prophetic word.

Words in (parentheses) were not literally spoken,but those words are included for better understanding
or as “personal” comments/infos (please read in context)

No-one can foretell when I come back?
Who spread’s such nonsense?

There is barely any greater joy of the liar to let the people believe that this will never happen.
He (the enemy) is laughing about it when they (the people) quarrel about (that subject).
My friends will know when I (will) come (return)
(I am doing nothing unless I will tell my prophets before)

But/Yes I will tell them about it (my return) just shortly before when there is no more time to care for the interests/needs in this world.
Until that time they (my friends) shall enjoy their lifes here on earth as much as they can but without becoming One with this world (connect to it).
The day and the hour (of my return) you surely don’t know.
But when you will know the months that I will tell you, will you be also obedient to do, WHAT I say?

Did I give my word to discuss or to live?
You slaughter it (like a fish) and tear it to shreds in a thousand pieces (scattered like a withered flower)

Look up to the sky (how) the clouds are passing by.
Are you able to command them like a dog or a donkey to go into this or that direction?
People (mankinnd) try to do it (as the weather – by techical possibilities or whatelse ? way to maniulate)
But I allow human efforts only until that level as it serves me and come in agreement with the prophetic scriptures.

But if you would have faith (like the seed of a mustard) then you would be able to command the clouds and the wind and they MUST obey you like they obey me.
But you prefer to play puzzle to crown you with success. (like with a single piece of puzzle / I don’t know what that mean’s)

Who say’s this?:
You can, if you could if you would.
But you cannot because you are not coming (close enough) to me.
You will not because you have been told you could not do that.
You are not allowed to do it because your fathers set borders for you.
(Fathers as spiritual father’s, pastor’s, leader’s, etc.)

Fear of man. Fear of man.
No, I have not set these borders for you.
Those borders were set of fear.
Fear to lose control but more (because) of fear to me, because they (Spiritual Fathers) clearly know (deep in them in their soul I put in that fear) that they have to change their life and their faith (to focus more on me and trust me)

Here, were some words spoken personally to/for me
……….removed to avoid distraction…….
Private End:

Healing. Healing come(s)

So to you (as those who need healing and cry to me) and for/to those whom you love, so to the people who are bound in hopeless situations.

But there is someone who is trying to copy (my divine) healing(s).
For a certain amount of time he (the liar, enemy) will not be able to do it.
But the hour will come when it will look like he (the liar) will do himself, greater mirales of healing then my שליחים (Shlichim) (this word Shlichim was given in Hebrew which means “sent ones/apostles”).

Many will be trapped by his (devils) lies.
But you will know, my children will know that these (fake miracles) only happen by/through lies.
After that there will be not much time any longer to proclaim my life.
Because of all this, they (most people) will stick to these miracles instead of having interest for my eternal life, nor will they be open for that (everlasting life).

Be ready time is close that I will fulfill (My) word.
Listen to the sound of the shofar and be aware (awake).
Also this will come like a thief in the night when everyone is asleep.