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2012/09/26 – I (Yeshua) am the Torah

What is the Torah

This message  originated from several prophetic words. I put them together in this short message.
It might not be a very popular message and probably many people may argue against it.

But I will encourage you anyway to read it with an open heart and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
You might find some revelation or precious pearls in there.

I (Yeshua) am the Torah
… the light that came to the people. And to those who accept that light, I will come with my light and glory into the chambers of their hearts, and they will know who I am and I will write MY name in their hearts and no-one will be able to erase it.

There is the written Torah and there is the living Torah and both are the same
And if you go against one you go against both.
There is no change (and so no difference) of what is written, only man changed it.
And it makes me sad and they do not know and they do not see what it is all about.
It’s about life and holiness and by taking away something (out of my word) you take away life and by adding something you add death (curses) to it.

Do you understand what I mean?
I want you to keep my word without adding or removing anything. And I am serious with that because I am a jealous Elohim – (I am holy).

Be holy as I am holy.

Behold I am coming soon and will take my bride,
To those who do not keep all of my word I will come with wrath and teach them in tribulation and disaster…

I want you to keep all my commandments… that you can be a holy people to me.
Do not keep treasures on earth but store treasures in heaven.

And this you have to do: keep my word, my Torah, my commandments, my statutes, my righteousness and my grace and I will give you favor in everything what you do, in every word you speak…

I will do it. I am a careful Elohim, not like the gods and Idols of the nations who cannot speak, see, smell or hear.
All of them will disappear and their millions of names will never ever be remembered anymore.
But me, the One who is, was and remains forever will be glorified for ever and ever.
And blessed are those who will be with me in the place where I am.

I will come, be ready!
Be ready… now… from now on until the day when all people, all nations of the earth will see me in my glory coming down from heaven.

Disaster and devastation will be… but my people, those who love me and keep all my commandments will be in a safe place where my angels will be with them, protect them and provide everything (what) they need and way beyond what they deserve and desire.

Rain will come upon those who love me and keep my word.
Not the words man have created. But my true living words.

Life, the truth, the salvation and all the blessings upon the ones who follow me and keep my words I have spoken from the beginning of creation until today and not one of them (my words) will get lost except those that have been changed or added by men. Things that I haven’t ordained.
Things I have not spoken will disappear.
Only the words I have spoken will remain forever.

Do not take away one of them.
Nothing ever will be taken away.
My word is spoken and it will do whatever it was spoken for.

Never ever any men can take away anything.
Not by teaching, not by tradition, not by law because my words are alive.
You cannot move the rock you are standing on.
You cannot fly unless I speak.

If you remove the rock under your feet, Sand will be left.
And when the Sand will be gone, fire will remain. Fire of sulfur and hail of lies.
As long as you stand on my rock you will be safe.
My rock, my words cannot be removed.
They are forever…