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2 Words 2021-09-30 Do you think…?

Two prophetic words…
The first on September 30 around 10:30pm and the second on October the first at 0:30 in 2021.
Though they were on 2 different days but very likely connected to each other; anyway only 2 hours apart from each other.
That’s why they both are on one message

There is a lot of explanation, all in Italic letters (blue)the prophetic words in normal letters

So, that’s the way they came

I was in prayer – as usual in the evening time –
and came up with something like a question
It started, addressing Abba,
My heavenly Father with the words:
″ Do you think…″
And then…

Like I forgot what I really wanted to ask the Lord or better say,
I did not had anything specific in my mind, but only that short phrase: ″Do you think…″
(basically as a question)
and this, repeating several times in hope to find something useful to spill out of my mouth.

It was somehow a bit embarrassing for me, but finally I’ve came up a statement:

Maybe these words were already Yeshua’s words where I could not discern and thought this were my own thoughts.

And this was the way I said it (somehow in a cynical way):
Do you think I shall take the Jab?

And with that, I am speaking about the fake venom where the propaganda Machinery
defined as the Covid 19 vaccine, yet according to definition it is not a vaccine at all.

It’s simply gene therapy and on long term, who knows, maybe genocidal treatment, or whatever…

Okay, that’s not the subject here and I will not talk about it
I was absolutely not serious at all with that statement,
and there’s anyway no way I want this terrible poison mixture – that I name Josef Mengele Serum,

And less, I was not expecting that the Lord would even answer or speak anything to my silly cynical words, but… to my very surprise He did!

And so this is what the Lord spoke:

If you want (to commit) suicide, go ahead,
but don’t expect Me to save you, as you know everything and the danger of it.
Most people take it out of ignorance.

Some take it out of fear, some out of lust to continue (walking in) their sinful (old) way.
Some take it out of their weakness.

Some out of pride, thinking they are stronger than death.
Some take it without knowing.
How can that be?
They don’t know what it is and don’t know Me.

(And) some take it for pleasure.

Why are you asking such a question?
Do you not have anything else to do or to say?
Do you not know that life and death is on your tongue?
Yes, you know and you know well.
If you would ask Me what I am doing right now and what I will be doing tomorrow
I would give you a complete different answer.

You see how I suffer when I look upon the earth, where almost all people are busy with jabs and jobs and more themselves.
They see Me every day but ignore Me completely.
Where do they see Me you ask?

In their neighbor, in the sun, moon and the stars, that I placed (there) in the sky.
They hear, when I shake the earth, send fire and rain.
They know but ignore Me.
What do you think My child if I would come today or tomorrow?
Would you be hanging on to your eschatology, your theology nonsense?

What you think My daughter if I will ask you to bring forth a child in 3 days?
A full grown baby?
Would you trust that I could do that?

What you think My son if I would send you out to the farthest corner of the earth to bring One old man to Me?
Telling him that the loving Father in heaven is waiting for you (now already) since 88 years?

What do you think oh wicked people if I would take away your wealth, possessions and power, all away from you in one hour?
Would you (then) come to Me and receive My love, grace and mercy and forgiveness, so for you to have eternal life?
No, you would fight tooth and nail to keep all (and everything) what you (even) don’t have.
No, everything you own does not belong to you.
I let it happen that you would have it, though it was the devil who gave you (physically) all of this.
But the earth is Mine and all what’s in it.

What do you think My beloved Bride if I would delay the wedding or take you even earlier, much earlier as you expect?
Men’s calculation will always fail.

What do you think My prophets if I would speak to you like I did with Moshe (Moses)?
Would you continue to hit the rock twice?
Or would you take off your shoes, go down on your knees and humble yourself before me?
I am so sick of those who claim themselves (to be) prophets but (they are) playing a game.
I will remove you once and for all, if you don’t stop speculating in fortune telling.

What do you think you teachers of lawlessness who teach blasphemy…
if I would give you the ″blessings″ of Sodom and Gomorrah?
Would you like that or stop with your evil spells.
But (instead) teach righteousness, things I commanded Adam (since/from Adam).

What do you think Oh shepherds who are sleeping and let the doors wide open…
Would you be happy, when you wake up in the morning, seeing all your sheep slaughtered or taken away by the wolf?
Wake up and guard the gates, before I will take you away.
Yes, I do not need them all.

What do you think would be if My prophets would speak My Truth and teachers My Word?
Think about and then come back to Me!

So, that was the end of the first word… but hold on… the second word will come

Actually as I went to sleep these words continued – and I could not really find a deep sleep or any rest.
Over and over I woke up, maybe every 5 or 10 minutes
but was not able to write them down.
It was truly a horrible night – at least for a while.
Half an hour later, another word came which consummated the battle.

I thought to post it in another video, as it was the next day, and the next month on October the first about half an hour after midnight but, maybe better to bring it here as they might connect together.

It will be very metaphorical and coded, but keep on… these the words I heard:

Those who run for Covid are like the immune system that runs to the Altar of Baal.
They want it to get treated but ask Moloch for help.
Death says: Yes, I will fight for you to find life.
Ooh yes, you will enjoy your new life in me.
And grave will give you abundant blessings.
Our father (of lies) will welcome you with open arms.
The arms of chains.
Bring the tithes into the storehouse of lies and you will receive corruption over corruption – poured out upon/ over you.
Mussolini change(d) the military until this day.
So the game continues as money runs the machine…

You may realize, the word seem to be cut off…
But it is likely that I simply fell asleep
Just consider that I received a word the day before on September at 4:20 in the morning and this is now the next day after midnight…
And I haven’t been sleeping or took a nap during the day.
For me as a morning person, it is not so easy to keep my eyes open so very late at night.

And indeed, even after the second word, more continued in my sleep and I could not find a good rest.
But I also could not remember all these words and visions the Lord were speaking,
Only I know it was more wild, deep and serious.