Innocent Blood

The lyrics of this Song I want to put out even before I have the music finished
The music itself is actually very difficult.
Should be fast, slow, deep, grieving, simple and whatever, all at the same time.

However, since several years I have this song on my heart to address something that is wicked beyond description.
Also since years I hope and pray and cry out to the Father in Heaven to do something against it. The lyrics catch only some tiny fragments of that subject that actually can’t be put into words.
Here’s below the lyrics – and whenever the music is recorded I will add it.

Innocent blood cries from the ground and rises up to Heaven
Since Cain slew his good brother right up to this very day
God’s good Earth now bears the curse of this Satanic leaven
It’s blood soaked soil reveals the wickedness of human ways

Moloch’s endless thirst requires these blood sacrifices
His servants legislate them now and fill the tiny tombs
Insuring pleasure’s freedom and the license for destruction
Of all the sacred seed there planted deep in mother’s wombs

Heaven’s tears are flowing with the cries of unborn babies
Streaming into rivers into oceans of deep grief
So the Days of Noah multiply our wicked cravings
As the stench of sin arises up with no relief

Nothing new under the sun as every age gives witness
Unborn infants drowned in their own blood won’t see that light
Generations countless whose becoming simply stolen
In one agonizing moment one relentless night

Still the Father spoke “I knew you long before conception”
Even as dark voices shrieked to nullify your life
I have heard your silent cries from wombs without protection
Watched as evil hands dismembered you with merciless knife

Sacrifice of children happening also now “post partum”
Blood and hormones freely flowing for a thirsty mob
Private islands buried bunkers infants toddlers stolen
Parents weeping never sleeping asking where was God

Every second somewhere in the world another child is
Raped, abused, aborted, slaughtered, sacrificed consumed
Secreted out from their homes to places which are hidden
Holes of Hell deep underground become their desperate wombs

Dark money paying for pizza hot dogs and perversion
Power players movie stars are gathering for the “sauce”
Things so disgusting maybe no one would believe them
Wretched children suffering incalculable loss

Media promoting and obscuring human traffic
Famous faces entertaining everything corrupt
Teens toddlers babies are the victims of this magic
All behind the scenes for those who never have enough

Inside out the world is turning how can it have happened
Good has turned to evil evil now becoming good
History careening to a close while God seems silent
How much longer O my God your judgment you withhold

Police enforcing laws now against every truth teller
While politicians in dark suits commit the darkest crimes
Fomenting war and chaos and controlling all the weather
Yet not a single breath is heard about the children’s cries

Righteous Noah warned about the rain that would be coming
Not for small transgressions but the world was soaked in sin
Jesus warned us to remember Sodom and Gomorrah
Just before the end when He’d be coming back again

Holy hearts in every part of Earth are daily breaking
Joining with my own and every drop of innocent blood
Crying Lord Yeshua how much longer are you taking
To come for all your children….and rescue them….for good

For theirs is Your great Kingdom purchased by Your Holy blood