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It Is Written

It is written in Hebrew (+english) 

Live @ Banana Praise Chapter Two

(Original in German = Es steht geschrieben)

Es steht geschrieben (it is written)
The song contains the following 3 verses in Hebrew
Deuteronomy 8:3
Exodus 16:15
Joshua 23:6

In Hebrew language Ex. 16:15 is actually very interesting.
It literally points to the Savior where In John 6:48 Yeshua said:
”I am the bread of life”
So it is a direct connection between the Manna of the wilderness and the savior.

Yeshua is the real food, the bread of life
He is the Manna from heaven.

For the song the audience were the music instruments

The original is a-cappella in 4 groups

While these 4 groups continuously singing the a-cappella chorus I will overlayed it with these verses in Hebrew.

Original I wrote the song with a German background-singing because the German words fit better to the flow of the melody but for the mainly english speaking audience I modified it so they were able to sing along with me and not break their tongues.

So it is written, so it is written
That man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word that
Proceeds from the mouth of Elohim

For the movie I added some more background vocals as there were not so many people there that evening.