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עולם אחד

Album Machshvoteicha

Futuristic Music with Guitar, Bass, Drums and analogue moog synthesiser and vocals

Title: עולם אחד – One World (Olam Echad)

How many worlds do we have to live?
Can we chose?
So wonderful created and it seem mankind is going to mess it up unto complete destruction.
Corruption in the hearts of man is so unbelievable evil.

The good thing is, when this world is going to end the dreams of many people will end as well and most will think what they have done nothing wrong.

The question remain: what will come afterwards?
But they will find no answer except they come to Yeshua.
When He is going to destroy the earth (with all the dreams of the people) He will also then create a new heaven and earth.
Then… people will remember.
For many it will be too late – but those who love Him will be together on the new heaven and a new One Earth (world).

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