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דרשו יהוה

Album Machshvoteicha

Calm but confident music with Biblical lyrics from Isaiah 55:6-11 in Hebrew language

Title: דרשו יהוה (Dirshu Yahuah / Seek יהוה (YHWH) (Isaiah 55:6-11)

The Lyrics are the relative famous from Isaiah 55 Verse 6-11 in Hebrew.
I first had this song in english, but later on I felt the translation cannot emphasize the depths of that verse.

It was not easy to change the language of singing with the same music – but it worked.
The Title is only a “Transliteration” and Not a translation.
Of you look for the Text in the Bible, the places where it says “LORD” is a very common flaw in most translations.
Originally in Hebrew it say’s יהוה which is a true name with a much brighter meaning, and not only a title.
To Him, יהוה I sing and not to a title.

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