Music is a big business... for a few people
On the other side: most artists try to survive - somehow!

The music of this website is from one of those artists who, by the grace of God are able to survive.
Yes, there is no profit in this music, eventhough I wish somethimes to get a little bit of an income from it.
Nevertheless, most the songs are played by Natula

If you want to go to the website of Natula - I apologize, most there is basically in German language.

Below you can listen to a few songs - in a very limited quality.
If you want to buy and download them go to one of these stock shops listed below.

There you do not get  only Music and Sounds  but also Photos and Videos (of Bindernowski)

Productions von Natula



Currently are 10 albums available

& now
no return
The Shepherd and the Bride
One Name One Truth
cd_cover/cover_and_now_200.jpg cd_cover/cover_no_return.jpg cd_cover/cover_the_shepherd_and_the_bride_200.jpg cd_cover/cover_machshvoteicha_200.jpg cd_cover/cover_one_name_one_truth_200.jpg
Breaking the silence
The Almond Tree
cd_cover/cover_breaking_the_silence_200.jpg cd_cover/cover_heartbeat_200.jpg cd_cover/cover_listen_200.jpg cd_cover/cover_the_almond_tree_200.jpg cd_cover/cover_spuren_200.jpg

! The sound are in relative low quality - if you want them in excellent quality, either contact me or go to one of these stock markets below and get it from there


They are available via one of those stock marketplaces below  

If you buy something you support the work of Bindernowski/ Natula.

Photos, Videos und Audio (Music)
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